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    Default Seni Quatro briefs

    Im very interested in the Seni Quatro briefs from xp medical. Im having hard times finding detailed pics of them. I would like to see close up of the inside and outside. Thanks for any help

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    I don't have any pics right now but they are pretty good diapers.
    My thoughts
    They hold more pee than M-4 due to a high SAP content.
    Are pink if you care.
    Have a light floral scent like my EX's maxi pads.
    The tapes pull off the back sheet unless you staple them.
    Are the only clothbacked I've reordered.

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    I liked them, they're comparable to most of the high end diapers, definitely the best clothbacked I've tried. Unfortunately XPMedical seem to have stopped carrying my size in them,

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    The best clothbacked diaper out there with a high capacity as others have said.
    I even think the capacity of the Seni is better than an Abena M4...anyway due to it being a clothbacked diaper it's the one I use in the summer, as it allows for some airflow without compromising odor control etc.

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    Unfortunately I used up mine or I could provide pictures. They're mostly white with M4-esque light pink design. Slight floral scent. They controlled odor quite well, but still suffered from that damp/clammy feeling associated with cloth backed. Capacity was what you'd expect from a premium. They're definitely the best cloth backed I've tried, but with the way cloth backed currently are that's a bit like saying you're the tallest person in the midget basketball league.

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