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Thread: How do YOU "play" baby?

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    Default How do YOU "play" baby?

    As I sat in my makeshift highchair and fed myself disgusting green pea baby food, I began to wonder how everyone else babies themselves.

    For myself, socks, a bib, and a diaper is all I need to get in my regression mode. How about you guys?

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    I'll get into a nice diaper, comfy pajamas, give myself a binky or a bottle and play or watch tv.

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    A pull up, fuzzy pj's and of course my koda bear. Sometimes I do my hair and put on way too many bracelets and I'll either watch tv or play.

    My favorite thing to do and I do it every single night, I get snugly and get myself a bottle of warm milk ad then I curl up on the couch under a blanket with my bear and watch a show until my bottles gone. Then it's bedtime.

    Sometimes I read myself a story but most times I jut go sleeps.

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    All I need to do is put on a nice thick diaper, put on desitin and baby powder, rubber pants. Put a binky in my mouth and have a bottle of formula next to me I am in heaven. It is even better when diaper is put on by wife.

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    This is a strange question for me, I wear my nappy and then as little else as possible like having my girlfriend put her hands on my nappy she doesnt have to try and get me off just having her touching my nappy is very comforting and makes me feel like a baby

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    I'm not sure I play baby, because my Little side is an integral part of who I am, so I just see it as expressing a certain part of my character.

    Anyway - I wear my onesies, I cuddle up with my dolls, teddies and other plushies. I watch 'Little shows', like Woolly & Tig and In the Night Garden. I talk little with my AB mama, and though I don't eat food for babies (which somehow manages to be fattening without being tasty!), I'll often use a little bowl and kids cutlery, and eat with my bib on! As for diapers, I'm not a regular wearer, which I realise is a real anomaly amongst ABs. The occasional one is nice, but it's certainly not integral to my feeling little.

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    I find the term 'playing baby' at odds with my experience. There are certain things I can do to facilitate regression, like wearing a nappy etc, but mostly when I am heading toward 'playing baby' it is more a natural sense of letting my adult self go for a while and giving space for little me to emerge.... then my behaviour is more the natural and unsolicited response of a baby rather than any contrived 'playing'

    As I mentioned, I guess there are certain things like taking teddy to bed, using a pacifier etc that do assist with the regression.

    I think as the need for my little self to 'play' becomes stronger, I have many more baby/toddler-like thoughts about playing, but this is quite different to simply engaging in an elaborate charade.

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    Well I get pampered up then footed sleeper or shortalls .
    Hug bear bear binkie in or take a bottle .
    Watch kids movies if its nap time YouTube ASMR bed time storys to sleep.
    Just like Im the little I'm .

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    This depends on every situation and person's preference. Some people do it differently (some are VERY active, while others (like me) prefer to just be a quiet sleepy baby and use it to a hypnotic level and another state of mind that can help me in everyday life

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    Sometimes, a diaper and my footies are enough to get me into that peace of mind, but more often than not I will have my bottle. And if I feel like it, eating animal crackers and watching Blue's Clues helps too.

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