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    I have had a recent spark of interest that I haven't had in a while. I saw that there is going to be a new Transformers R.I.D(Robots In Disguise) show sometime in 2015. So along with a new show or movie comes new toys right? I have been looking at some of the new toys, and I want some of them. I have a few of them from the Fall of Cybertron game, and a couple from the new movie. Does anyone else like Transformers, what have you heard about the new show, and do any of you have any Transformers?

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    I loved the original cartoon from the 80s especially the movie. The new movies are okay.

    I couldn't get into the Beast Wars or Armada or any of the other variations. I also never got on the comic books.

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    Back in the mid 80's, my friends and I played with Transformers and GoBots -- mainly the latter. I wouldn't really call myself a fan these days, but I had plenty of fun with them when I was a kid.

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    I wish I was around for the 80's version of the show. That is probably the best version of it. I like the new movies and shows sure, but nothing beats the older ones. I would love to have some of the older figures, but they are either hard to find or too expensive.

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    I still have some of the original toys from the 80's...need to find those.

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