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Thread: Potty Training......we meet again

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    Default Potty Training......we meet again

    First of all, sorry I don't post here more often. I spent years in the forum game (as an admin of my own at one point) but I think I've grown out of it. Just the same, I probably respect this group's opinion more than others on the topic.

    I've attempted posting about this a few times, but it never really got much attention, so I'd like to give it another shot now and see if this has become a more recognized group. What little research I have done hasn't turned up very much.

    As I've said before, I never quite identified with "AB" or "DL", don't get me wrong though, I have MANY characteristics of each. What's more is that the more time I spent among these groups, the more I began to experiment and found that I enjoyed that side of things as well. But all things aside, my fixation always was and seems as though it always will be on potty training.

    I never quite realized how much of an influence potty training had on me (personally, I'm a fan of Freud, but it won't hurt my feelings if you disagree lol) but I've begun to feel as though a lot of my free spirited tendencies were rooted in the power struggle I went through while being trained.

    It wasn't so much that I didn't want to train, it's that I wanted to do things MY way, a frame of mind I still hold today and one I hope to hold forever. If you want to know the more technical details of how my fixation developed, you can look at some of my previous posts, but I decided that I wanted to make a rough outline of exactly what I identify as.

    For lack of better terms, I'll refer to it as "Trainer" for the time being. For all I know, maybe a term has already been identified, not to mention the correct terminology here would be "Trainee" but hey, I like the Pokémon ring it has to it. lol

    A Trainer would exhibit the following qualities:

    *Exhibits a desire for "training pants" as opposed to "diapers"

    *Desires to undergo both the potty training phase and training itself

    *Experiences pleasure from feeling like a "big kid"

    *Can still experience pleasure from wetting/messing but only as an "accident"

    *High comes from the confidence of control/being a good boy (girl)

    I could probably get more in depth, but this is just an outline, not really a thesis. The best way I could describe my fantasy would be the idealized world depicted in Pull Ups commercials. A world in which children don't only want to leave diapers behind and potty train immediately, but instantly master it and mature into big kids out on their big wheels lol

    Anyway, if this constitutes as a "repeat" post, or if it just seems totally out there, feel free to remove it. But it seems to me that as time goes on, and groups like these become (slightly) more mainstream, then the more outlying individuals such as myself will begin to appear, and we could possibly have a better understanding of our minority within a minority.

    Appreciate all feedback.

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    I like your idea. You have explained it quite clearly in a style I enjoy. Does your fantasy involve a parent role? I just feel a lot more comfortable changing my own diapers than I do telling myself to go to the potty and that I am a big girl. I have no problem rinsing my cloth out in the sink every morning, but trying to make it to the potty would be rare unless I could have one in my room. It seems like every morning when I wake up several kids line up at the bathroom and I never quite make it to my turn. Sometimes by the time i get my footies down on my ankles l am already hoing too much to stop so I just sit down and go without removing my pull-up or diaper until I am finished. I get a little mad when the kids tease me and run into the bathroom when they see me headed that direction. When I get my ten minute break from work I do not have time to stand in line. However, first thing in the morning I know everyone really does have to go. I do prefer pull-ups to diapers but do not expect to train myself. I have just discovered that the Tena Ultra I picked up from Goodwill are a lot less leaky with a good booster and a lot cheaper than ATN pull-ups. If I do manage to train myself and be a big girl I can reward myself with a case of them.

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    Ah yes, im a fan of frued as well....An excellent post! the Mental side of this sort of subject, is one of the most difficult to reproduce, and only can be done for those who REALLY try and know what theyre doing. When it comes to AB/DLs, I would definantly call this an "advanced users only" as to get to the wonder and the joy of something youve done is very difficult. There is many many mixes of us and we can show diffrent sides on the regression scale (one can be many types.)

    Glad potty training had a good effect on you, assumingly, unless you were trying to repair it. Here i mention an example of sort of the same thing. Lets say that you build a car. You turn the keys and it turns over the motor and with a satisfying roar, it starts. The joy of building that and actually making it start can be quite overwealming, and when replicated, it slowly begins to become ordinary for many, but some change it up so they can come back and "Feel it like it was before/" For a ABDL or babyfur or anyone to do this kind of thing it takes a fantastic amount of self control and careful technique. The acceleration of doing this again is enough to throw even the most experienced off course.

    Who said you cant baby yourself into growing up? And while we are on the subject of training pants, something mabey to consider is that ((Okay im an abdl no hate mail please) but baby rooms and nurserys tend to be blank and generalised and soothing while-as toddler rooms who get to run in theyre rooms and play exciting games and practice with the potty once more can be exciting, seeing the cartoons on the prints and giggling excitedly.

    remember that mental, physical, and visual all play a factor. Best of luck and glad you took the step back to the impossible!, or at least they say it is impossible. I have faith that you will enjoy it, and if not, than you can safely and securily make the proper decissions as necessary. HAVE FUN!!!!

    Oh and i suggest watching this music video from Pullups company. . It shows a lot of excitement in switching and is a very fun song. Mabey something to get you in the mindset?
    Bye bye to diapers

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    I was into the idea of potty training and training pants long before I ever discovered my adult baby side. I personally have no memories of my own training, but am told it went pretty smoothly and that I didn't wear trainers. It was always a sexual thing for me, but nowadays I might be able to find comfort in some aspects of it.

    In my scenario though, I like the idea of getting to wear training pants, but I want the whole process to be a failure. I don't want to be a big kid! I enjoy the idea of having ''accidents,'' but also being defiant and going in my training pants because I want to.

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    I think you guys are all kind of hitting on the main thing going on here. I think it has a lot to do with being on that threshold between being a baby and a "big kid". Especially the part about bright colors and excitement being attributed to this stage more so than the baby stage. The more I look into it, if a distinction can be made between "AB" and "DL" I honestly believe a distinction can be made between this group as well. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to fragment a community more so than it already is, but I've often thought that there is a certain uniqueness to this particular interest.

    Having said that, the AB community has had a certain influence on me that has opened my interest to places it had not been before, including but not limited to:

    *Enjoying diapers in a baby persona

    *Enjoying Goodnites in the persona of being an "older kid"

    *Enjoying wetting and even messing (well.....once, after a big lunch. and I had to shower directly afterward lol)

    *Embracing the more "feminine" and adorable side of my desires. Once I conquered the realm of diapers, I gave panties a shot. And now I own several pairs of Hello Kitty panties that I enjoy


    All of these were facets that I previously did not have, or at least was not conscious of, before exploring these groups and experimenting with my own interest. And as much as I have taken from these communities, I would also like to give back in the form of a better understanding of this particular interest.

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    I don't recall much about my actual potty training. But as I wore diapers or trainers to bed, until I was almost 12, I'm not sure when the daytime training was deemed successful.
    I did have a few wet accidents during childhood, but wasn't ever punished for them. Maybe as a bed wetter it wasn't considered unusual. If I had an accident, and I am talking about occasions well past toddler age, I would just be helped out to wash and change. Maybe this made me a bit lazy about being vigilant about the bathroom, as if I did hold on to long and wet myself, a mild scolding would suffice as mum changed me.

    I've mentioned in other posts previously about being allowed or even told to pee in my swim suit if I played outside. When I would play in the pool, if I needed to wee, I was always taught not to do it in the pool, but to get out and go behind the bushes, and I would, but would just pee in my speedos instead of pulling them down.
    An early memory is playing with my water pistols outside while wearing my swimsuit. I would have been about 5 years old I guess. I was still dry, but had been playing in the dirt and mud and got a bit dirty. I was to engrossed in my game to worry about my growing need to pee, and by the time I realised it was urgent, it was too late. I stood in front of my mother and totally wet myself. I started crying, but she just smiled and told me not to get upset, it was only my swimmers, they would be getting wet anyway, and I would be hosing off before I went inside the house.

    After that, peeing in my speedo or board shorts became a regular occurrence when I was wet. I wouldn't even bother trying to hold on, but wait till I got wet with the hose or in the pool and just let go.

    I do recall deliberately wetting myself wearing a still dry pair of light blue shorts once, as I was setting the slip n slide up aged about 8. Mum wasn't really impressed with that. She was helping me roll it out, and I just stopped, stood up and let go! She told me off a bit, but I exclaimed that I was going to get wet shortly and had been holding on, but just couldn't hold on any more. I think that was when she realised that sometimes I wet on purpose or through laziness.

    For the actual potty training of toddler age though, no real memories. It is a mild fantasy that I would like to role play though. With either a care giver or a play mate who is in the same boat.

    My little side is 6-12 usually though, and it is hard to envisage a scenario where actual potty training at that age would be credible. I'm probably more going to be an accident prone child.

    I think it's a great idea for a post and discussion topic though.

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    The more time I spend reminiscing, I'm starting to feel like I want to write a little bit of fanfiction on this topic, just to try and get across exactly how I feel. We'll see what happens with it.

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