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    Ok so many of us are dealing with life our past affects us to day.
    We deal to try to get by day by day .
    Some of us just barely interact with other's .
    Some dont understand us at all or get mad at us for something we can not help.
    Some take med's to help .

    It's not easy some times it looks some one did this and it is not the case.
    Your inner demons are haunted our thinking.

    There are times I think this person hates me or attacked me then I find my mind was playing tricks on my self then Example :I cannot take back what I said .
    I hurt a friend In doing that others are mad too.
    How do you fix it .

    My feeling is we all make mistakes every one of us.
    But we can for give one another that's key.
    I cant say it won't happen again but if you know this can happen then it's a trate I have.
    In the furry fandom this happens a lot we call it butt hurt over a misunderstanding.

    I only ask we as person understand some of us are dealing with past hurt's and pain.
    Scar's so to speak . I try to over look every one's faults God knows I have mine.
    Talking thing's out helps saying sorry is a big thing to do.
    Sad some time's we hurt one another .

    Some of us have a lot of healing to do for some it takes a life time.
    Thank you all being here on Adisc by us looking out and helping one another .
    We can learn to forgive .


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    That's very sweet. ^_^ I try to keep a lot of this in mind when I find myself losing patience with someone. Thank you for sharing.

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    Remember, if you feel you've wronged a member on this site, you can always PM them and say you're sorry. That would make that person feel a lot better. I'm glad that we are a support group and that's something we should remember every time we respond to a thread. I remind myself that we have some members that are what I call fragile. Some people have hard days, and sometimes they come to this site, tired and defeated. We need to be there for them. So, I'm also here for you foxkits, and for what it's worth, you've never hurt or offended me.

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    That's nice thank you for that.

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