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    Hello all. Finally able to post again after being unable to for a few years while waiting to turn 18. I'm a DL, probably a little too. I'm kind of unsure. I attend a University so I don't have too much free time to act upon this kind of stuff. If anybody else goes to USF hit me up?

    Interests, I like to watch Netflix. Currently watching Dexter (pls no spoilers). I loved House of Cards, and can't wait until Season 3. I also enjoy playing video games, and hanging out with friends and doing the typical things you would imagine a college freshman living on his own for the first time to do.

    As of now I am home on winter break and really bored as I have no friends in my hometown that i'm really close to anymore. I would love to talk to some people and get to you know all. Dunno what else to say. If you have questions i'll be happy to answer.


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    Welcome! I also love House of Cards! Season 3 starting soon. I also love Orange is the New Black, and of course the movies. I am also going to college here in the PNW. I had my last final today and am playing. Having some drinks, dressing up and playing.

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