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    Default Dry Comforts?

    Hey, i have an oppertunity to purchase these diapers, 96 for $20.00. Are they worth it? What is there avg. capacity? They resemble assurence, are they made by the same company? How thick are they? Do they leak easily?

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    I haven't really heard of them, I don't know if they are the same as the dry 24/7's, I think they are not.

    However, I would say any time you find a deal on diapers that's 96 for $20.00, I'd say jump on it.

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    I agree with Ace 96 diapers for $20.00 is a great deal and should not be over looked. I have tried them in the past and Dry Comforts are not the best diapers and are not the worst either.

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    They are made by Tena of the USA

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    I would definetly go for it even if their not the best diaper. At that price your only paying 4.8 cents a diaper! I checked online and the small holds 3.8 cups and the medium 4.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I used them a *long* time ago. They weren't too bad.

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    where did you find this deal, i wanta get some, lol

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    In my experience, Dry Comfort are really crappy. I don't know how high your standards are, but I wouldn't take them if someone was giving them to me. They are made by SCA, the makers of Tena USA, as was mentioned above. These are the 'value' brand of Tena, so they're even worse than Tena. Granted, its been quite a while since I've used them, but they might be worth something if you got some booster pads for in them. Otherwise, I don't reccomend them.

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