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Thread: I was almost caught a few times in a Highschool

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    Question I was almost caught a few times in a Highschool

    Hey there a third time almost revealed my diapees waistband. Hehehe. I seem to find it impossible to not get caught and find it I desire being caught. I won't let it happen by trying best to avoid it. But i want to ask any one else get caught in highschool either upgrading or to graduate. If so how and what happened. Just curios.

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    I didn't get caught or at least called out on it in high school. What helped was I used the restroom at school only maybe 6 times during my whole time there so people just assumed I had a strong bladder.

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    LOL strong bladder don't yet have courage to go outside stall. Will in time. I can't go yet without little effort. As in wet not stinky.

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    Last time I was out in the open with a diaper on I had over alls on so it made it hard for people to really tell.

    Before I moved several months back my home care assistant found out about my diapers and little side within the first year I had her. I was also open about it to her because we were close. We are still real good friends on FB but I live rather far away from her now.

    She even made me a bib with my name on it. She was really big into quilting.

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    My Mom caught me a year and a half ago or so. I'd left the door open when I was getting ready for school (college) and was wearing a Goodnite as I was having midterms in one of my classes that day. I had been wearing so long that I didn't even flinch when she walked in. She noticed it and asked if what I was wearing was a diaper. I told her yes, that because of my tiny bladder (that I inherited from her!), I needed to do something or I'd pee myself in class. She commented that was a great idea, thought the Goodnites were cute and left the room. It never was or ever became an issue. Of course, she doesn't know I have this incredible fetish, but that will be a conversation for another day.

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    There has been many times where I was able to save myself pain and embarrassment from people seeing this website and oddly enough a text message. Every time I have been able to play it off as a joke or a stupid idea that I thought better of. I'm glad that nobody knows or they know but they are not saying anything.

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