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  • Soda?

    9 47.37%
  • OJ?

    7 36.84%
  • Purple Stuff?

    4 21.05%
  • Sunny D?

    3 15.79%
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Thread: Soda, OJ, Purple Stuff, Or Sunny D?

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    Wink Soda, OJ, Purple Stuff, Or Sunny D?

    just sitting here, sucking on my nukkie, and I remembered that old sunny delight (yes, I remember when it was called sunny delight, I was young though) commercial. I decided that it was stupid enough to become kinda popular, so which do you prefer?

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    You mean the sunny D that turned you orange and hyperactive

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    I work outside a lot, and need to stay hydrated. So I go for "purple stuff" (grape Powerade) at work. At home, it's soda.

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    Water. Sunny D is chemicals, I have no idea what purple stuff you're talking about, soda is high in sugar (OK once in awhile) and OJ is for breakfast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zipperless View Post
    Water. Sunny D is chemicals, [...]
    I agree... Sunny-D(elight)... is chemicals, or it sure tastes like it to me... eww! -Marka

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    My normal drink is half cranberry juice and half ginger ale. But when I was a kid, I'd drink beer. My grandmother was German, so I'd drink a beer with dinner. It wasn't in a sippy cup either, but real glass!

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    I don't drink the stuff listed here. I mostly drink Water or Cranberry Juice if it's in the house.

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    Green Monster are awesome to have every so often when its a really dull day.

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    I usually don't drink pop that often. I do drink orange juice when we get it. I don't drink any of that other stuff. I mostly drink water, other kinds of juices and milk.

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