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Thread: Anyone else had similar experiences?

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    Default Anyone else had similar experiences?

    When I was a little kid, talking elementary and preschool years, my dad abused me. Ever since then, I've obviously been afraid of him. I hate to suggest that my parents had anything to do with me becoming a DL, but I have to. It's a way to deal with the trauma of being physically abused. Now that I'm an adult, I realize he LIKES the fact that I'm scared of him. Sadistic much?

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    I've been bullied throughout life and it has only stopped in three ways.
    1. I had the Moral Courage to stand up for myself and what I knew was right and disregarded consequences for the greater good.
    2. I earned their respect
    3. Ignored them

    My Dad was a dick all throughout raising me and I wasn't the greatest son either but I eventually proved him wrong and me and him are best friends now. I guess it's all situational.

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    My dad was great, although he did abandon me, with my grandma, I still forgave him.

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