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Thread: Official ABle to wipe "DL" from my list of self-explaining diaper-related terms.

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    Post Official ABle to wipe "DL" from my list of self-explaining diaper-related terms.

    If I were here during my teen years, I would identify strongly with DL rather than AB. During my teens, diapers for me were a hell of a sexual object. A turn on every time I even if I simply thought about them for long enough. Now, I couldn't get a rise to diapers if I tried. My attraction to diapers have finally gravitated to the stress-release mechanism and regression tool that my teen-self wanted out of it.

    Thinking about it, its a better feeling to enjoy diapers this way than I did as a teen. I feel like the diapers that I wear belong with me, not just a toy to my amusement, but a piece of who I am and who I've become.

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    DLs aren't necessarily tied to sexual desire, although it is often a part of it, much as it can be for ABs. If you're a fan of diapers outside a babyish context, that's still a DL. Seems a bit dull to me but different strokes or lack of them for different folks.

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    I'd have to agree TMWM... I'm 21 now and would defo identify more AB now than even a couple years ago. My connection with nappies is definitely changing (pardon the pun) to more emotional than sexual. That being said I can get quite excited with them, especially in the presence of another padded boy :P

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