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    I was wondering what everyone thought of hide and seek! Not necessarily as a little activity, although I certainly find it fun in that context as well, but in general. It has been my all-time favorite game for pretty much my entire life. My high school/college group at church plays it fairly often and it got me curious.

    Do you like to play hide-and-seek? As a little or an adult or both? And does anybody have any funny or interesting stories about hiding and seeking experiences? :3

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    When I was little, I LOVED to play hide and seek. I didn't have many people to play with but it was certainly a fun activity to do if you had no power in a house or if it was raining outside, it definitely had it's fun times.

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    I love hide-and-seek!!! Both as an adult and as little. But I havent played it for many years..where I live it's called "kurragömma". I sure would love to play it again.

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    Hide and Seek gets even better when you are older. I played with my roommates in college all the time. We kept it in our dorm apartment which made it even more challenging. It pushed our minds and bodies to the max. We would black out the windows and turn off the lights so it was pretty much black in the room. The person seeking would go into a corner with as bright of a light as possible next to them. This way they cant really see when they start seeking and have to walk around blind until their vision adjusts and even then if you black out the light enough you can still be like a foot away and they cant see you. The seeker then would slowly navigate the room trying to get one of us to laugh to give our position away. You would think there are not that many spots to hide in an apartment but that just made it more fun and because it was so dark just laying down on the floor in the middle of a room was a valid hiding spot. You just hoped the seeker would search the edges of the room and forget to walk through the center of the room. Then when you win because the seeker didn't find you in the time limit you get to sneak out of your spot and just appear next to the seeker and scare the crap out of them.

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    I remember playing hide-and-seek when I was a kid, and the best was in the dark at night. Kids get excited over such things, and I was one of them. Sometimes we'd play flashlight tag. It was all so much fun.

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    Used to love it as a kid, and it was one of the few times when being particularly small paid off. There was no airing cupboard too narrow or wardrobe too small for me to hide in.

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    Hide and seek was fun! It stretches your creativity in finding(or making) hiding places, and the best ones required the seeker to think out of the box. Eg hiding under a pile of clothes right behind where the seeker was counting (Yup, such large piles existed in my household for a 10 year old to hide in). My grandma always stopped us from playing it though, because we'd always hide in dangerous spots. Such as inside a crumbling shoe rack.

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    It can be fun. Especially if you have a large location and make it similar to hide and seek tag. When I play it now a days the group splits into two teams, we choose which team is It, then both teams head out in different directions. After walking a bit, the team that is It tries to find and ambush the other team, while the other team tries to evade them. This is really fun when played in a downtown shopping area/outdoor mall, or out in some woods. You can set a time limit, or just play until everyone is tired.

    I have lots of fun memories with this one. Once we had to run away while we were in the middle of buying something. We had already given the cashier the money and but had to ask her to set our stuff aside while we run away from the people chasing us (If we had stayed we would have been caught). Other times we have had to ask to use the back entrance.

    When I was younger me and my brother and our friends would play hide and seek at night with the lights off. That made for some fun games.

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