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Thread: Tips for going 24/7

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    Default Tips for going 24/7

    I have worn a diaper to bed every night for more than a year. I also wear multiple times a week to work (well a depend real fit, but that is close enough), and I think I would like to try being padded 24/7 for a while. I doubt I will be using 24/7 and certainly not for messing, and I will also not be ditching my boxers as they provide good cover for pesky waistband displays.

    The goal is just to be padded full time, night and day, without exception. I even have swim diapers if, despite not going swimming in several years, I decide I want to hit the pool.

    Can anyone share any tips about wearing so much and still being comfortable and safe?

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    It's not so hard on a practical level, particularly as you describe your intentions. I would say you should be sure you've got a decent supply of the kind or kinds of diapers you intend to use over this time and have at it. You'll have more trash than usual and it may be smellier than normal depending on how much you use.

    The biggest challenge for me is typically keeping it interesting. When it starts to feel too much like the regular routine, it's time for me to stop. Just over six weeks is my longest stint so far.

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    I cant stop i love i hope its appropriate enough to say like being a muddy bum but not all day only like it when can control when do. But i may consider getting adult swim diapees one day. To experience all day 24/7 even to beach. I mean cant stop as i like wearing 24/7 and changing twice a day except the cost sucks but I will stay this way till maybe when its not fun to do it anymore. So i had to re edit from not being too clear.
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    Just don't do stuff like lots of people do like hypnosis tricks. When you stop going 24/7 for awhile and your still hypnotized, your going to have one hell of a mess. :/

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    Wear a premium diaper so it lasts you all day and wear longer shirts or wear a onesie under your clothes to keep your diaper from showing. Also use cloth for use at home so you aren't spending so much on disposables. I like to stick to one disposable a day on my work day and when I got out on the weekends and won't be gone long, I wear a cheaper brand. I poop in my disposable at home but not in cloth. I am not ready to do a clean up in a public restroom so I don't bother with odor pills and they are expensive. I could just stay in a messy diaper but from experience, it makes the diaper leak sooner because the pee has nowhere to go so it can't soak into the padding.

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    Get a high end brand for night wearing , I have 2 brands I use comficare L10 for nights (next to no leaks ) formacare xl for day

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    I have done it for a while, but do take breaks every so often so I can appreciate the diapers better rather than grow bored. I have access to diaper change at lunch time, so I tend to wear a mid level diaper with a booster in it (Absorbency Plus 3 or Superio or Tena Slip Maxi) and then after lunch I usually wear Abena M4 or Northshore Supremes. I always have a onesie on if I am going to work or out and about. It helps keep the diaper from sagging or showing up when I bend down. If you have a good enough diaper, you won't need to use plastic pants much. Having boosters helps a lot when you think you might not get a change for longer periods of time. I usually have cheaper diapers I wear if I'm just around the house. I've worn a northshore diaper all day (from about 9am until 6 or 7 pm) without using the toliet, just put a booster or two in it and I'm good to go.

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    I bought a case of abena m3 for night wear and weekends/special occasions, a case of tena ultra for casual wear around the house and possibly at work if I feel daring, and a case of tranquility overnight pull ups for work and being around family or friends.

    Wearing a big high waist banded fluffy diaper is not practical at work or when spending time with friends or family, so I have generally opted for pull ups (usually depend real fit, but for the price their absorbancy is just to low to wear daily which is why I am switching to ATN pull ups); but regardless of how discreet they are to wear, they are the furthest thing from discreet to change. If I am going to wear 24/7 then I will be needing to change much more often. How do people deal with wearing pull ups during the day if they need to change? Also being male, it is not traditional for me to take a bag of any kind to the bathroom, so how do I get a fresh diaper in with me?

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    Why isn't it practical at work? I wear mine to work everyday and I use a brief and I have worn thick diapers to work. I currently use a Molicare super Plus.

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    It's pretty practical for me at work to wear thick diapers. I am usually either at a desk a lot, or on calls at various businesses. Having thick diapers means I don't have to waste time going to the restroom or worry about leaks. You just have to wear a size or two larger pants, I can wear blue jeans, so I just wear a little bigger size and no one has a clue. I am even bending down or crawling under desks for work, no one ever figures out I'm padded, but I also wear onesies too to keep the diaper well hidden. As for bringing a diaper to the restroom for chaning. One trick I learned a long time ago is to have a tucked in shirt and put a diaper down it, go to the restroom and change. If its winter, diapers in a coat pocket or down a zipped up jacket. Cargo pants are decent for putting diapers in if they aren't too thick.

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