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    So I've done a lot of poking around the threads including some older ones I've posted and I've reached a point where I need new insight if any can be provided. I bought plastic lined snap on diaper cover about a year or so ago from a Fuubuu a website/company that is now sadly dead. I love this cover it is very much like the commonly seen Japanese style cover. It had leak guards and a plastic shell with a cloth outter cover. It's still in fantastic shape, but I have unfortunately outgrown it a product of the fact that at the time my measurements where off and I ordered a size to small. I find myself longing for something similar, but have had little to no luck. I've looked at Baby Pantz, Depenco, Baby Kinz and I even found this site The site listed has the closest to what I'm after with this product being the best I've seen, My problem is the cost and uncertainty about quality. Any insight would be lovely and possibly cheaper alternatives or comments on my current thoughts would be lovely!

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    I know They've done a lot of business through eBay. You can check there.

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