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    Default Ready for Season 5

    I am not sure if there was an update on My little pony season 5 yet but I am so ready to get to be able to see it. The sooner its out the sooner it can get on Itunes.

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    I feel season 3 was enough, in my opiion they are getting closer to violence and with the suggestions and refrences of the bronies....It ruining the cuteness of the show. G1. Nuff said my opinion. None the less though, i admit fluttershy cannot be beeten in adorableness

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    The show has definitely lost a lot of it's lustre with me.

    I still hold that season 2 was the best. We had Discord and Chrysalis, and the vast majority of my favourite episodes. Objectively the season is probably on par with 3 and 4, but I think a combination of novelty and community energy made it feel better.

    By the time season 3 rolled around there was a shit-tonne of fandom drama, the love affair with Hasbro was over, and it just didn't feel the same. Season 4 was ok and had a few great moments, but I stopped watching new episodes religiously. I actually didn't watch the finale until months after it aired.

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    I am a closet brony, no doubt about that, but I feel that the show has gone downhill since season 3, violence and brony references are getting out of hand. it's ok to do an occasional shout out to the fans, and maybe a few fights here and there, but when it's happening multiple times in a single episode, it's starting to get out of hand.

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    What do you guys mean by violence? Have any of you ever seen the original Power Rangers or read the Pokedex entries? Yet small Children still wacth the shows and play the Pokemon games

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    I am so ready for season 5. Now, I will have to agree with what everypony else is saying about the whole violence level rising. I think that yes, there is room for a little violence of a certain degree, but not so much that it becomes a problem for the actual targeted audience. That whole thing with Queen Chrysalis.. Holy crap! I was not expecting that from a children's show. It was very awesome, and I loved the way it was done. The way they handled the season 4 finale, was pretty epic I am not going to lie. However though, I am starting to wonder who they are mainly trying to target as an audience. Don't get me wrong I too am a Brony and I do like the little subtle references thrown into the show. (Twilight's Kamehameha of friendship, and the Rainbow super saiyan XD) I don't think it is necessary however to be putting more explosions into one episode than Michael Bay puts into one movie(just a joke obviously Bay is a pyromaniac ;P) I don't feel that it is bad to throw in a little action, while at the same time teaching a lesson about friendship.

    Now with that out of the way, *clears throat* I really do hope that season 5 will be so super awesome spectacular frosting coated with sprinkles with a nice amount of kick butt thrown in all together.

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    Season.5 upcoming clips:

    MLP Season.5 Teaser, pretty much a recap on Twilight Sparkle.

    And last but not least, all season.5 updates here:

    I think the reason as because 1 and 2 was a gentle season till raging actions became well known over My little pony. I still don't know if it's meant for little girls anymore but I think there is a slight chance for it. The ending of season. 4 was extremely awesome but so much violence was involved. It was really interesting for a bunch of us bronies though so i have to give it that.

    Pokemon was always violent ever since season. 1 It was peaceful but the pokemon battles left and right, exposure of James boobs, and the guns...I think pokemon could not recover from that

    As for power rangers, I can't say because I never watched it so I don't have an opinion on it's levels of violence.
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    I kinda felt like the Season 2 finale (queen cheeselegs) was aimed more at bronies then the target audience. It definitely had a bit more action then one would expect. The season 3 finale felt squarely aimed at it's target demographic. And then season 4 went all dragon ball z.

    So I don't even know any more!

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    Season 2 and 4 are my favorite. I love My Little Pony unconditionally though, they would have to screw something up pretty bad for me get mad enough to flip a table.

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