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Thread: My little pony G1

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    Talking My little pony G1

    My little pony G1 honestly is becoming better than g4.....<<braces self for hate mail>> The G4 community is acting toward the bronies and epic battles and super dramatic action and things....wheres the cuteness anymore?! Anyway. Heres the generation im talking of

    Cuteness and friendship.

    p.s YES I KNOW g1 got dark at times, but it was a lot less violent and much more music. the most nonviolent one i know is G3.5, which made me a brony but thats not what im talking of.

    G1. Am I ALONE?/Your favorite g1 moments?

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    I liked the dark moments. Escape from Midnight castle is one of my favorites of G1.

    By the way: before you consider G4 watch G3.5. Tge cuteness was there but the storyline that should have developed the Characters was not there. There was a little bit but it seemed a little too sugar coated. Even a kid could tell it lacked depth in IMO.

    I will agree with you though on the babyish cuteness. MLP FIM seems to be targeting the older kids. Just don't tell me that Fluttershy is not adorable. The only thing that could trump that is if they brought Minty into the picture.

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    im not afraid to say fluttershy is absolutly ADORABLE (i have a big stuffed fluttershy)
    And minty xmas i watched scince its 8 days until xmas!
    I am not trying to push ideas on anyone, i was just bringing up a "smooze" of ideas!

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    LOL you can't stop the smooze. Although I will say the way they treated the witch Reeka was a little too harshly. I think she could have crossed over the lines and became an interesting Character for G1. Reeka Could have been like a mother to the baby ponies. At least she seemed like she had bad influence from her family. Like she wanted to do good but the only way she knew how was to try and impress her mother.

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    I absolutely adore G4 MLP but I do enjoy the earlier generations of MLP as well and I really liked Escape From Midnight Castle. I liked G3.5 too it had the best theme song out of all the generations.

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    For me watching kids TV shows has to be more than cuteness, even with my little side to the forefront. That's why I gravitate to G4 and not most of the others I've tried to watch. I watch MLP alongside Sonic X, Avatar, Digimon, and kids anime like Zatchbell - I dunno why, but I'm super picky...I can't stand like carebears and really little kids shows. Maybe there's more plot or more action, I dunno. I just flipping love that the voice-acting is so good on G4 though.

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    I got into MLP because of G2 as a kid, then discovering G1 in about 2006. Had a huge pony collection for a while but got rid of it to make room for a collection of older vintage toys. Still kept two or three favorite ponies though!

    A tad disappointed with G4 because I was designing a very similar looking pony-based cartoon starting in about 2007, and now everyone would think I was just copying Faust's designs. I guess that's what happens when you wait! At least now I know my designs are good...

    G1 ponies are so dainty and pretty compared to the later ones. Each G of ponies has their own appeal. G4s are more sassy and versatile which is probably a good thing... I remember all my dolls growing up functioned as action figures.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FeekaDimension View Post
    I remember all my dolls growing up functioned as action figures.
    I remember wishing I had dolls growing up... the envy. I didn't really bother with action figures, maybe more like kinex and that kind of stuff.

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    My all time fav series is My Little Pony Tales (G1.5 / G2). Yes, the city ponies. The only one I just don't like is G3. It's just too little for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gwendolyn View Post
    My all time fav series is My Little Pony Tales (G1.5 / G2). Yes, the city ponies. The only one I just don't like is G3. It's just too little for me.
    Tales is G1.5, in a very short lived set of "new generation" ponies that never really caught on. I think they were made in the Princess Pony molds. Tales is so much easier to watch than the G1 show, barring the first 3 G1 specials (Firefly's Adventure, Escape from Katrina, and the movie)... the show following was some of the cheapest crap I've ever seen and an insult to one of the most outstanding toy lines I know.

    Why do people have a problem with Tales anyhow? I watched two full epsiodes of the G4 show and it was almost identical to Tales.

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