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Thread: Stuffed animal cleaning tips

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    Wink Stuffed animal cleaning tips

    I have a SUPER cute stuffed animal and just refilled his fluff and needing to now clean him. Hes super cute. Can anybody help me out? He can NOT go in the washer as he has permanant mounted electronics.

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    I was told by the person that fixed my washing machine that fiberfill can be hard on the washer. Washing a stuffed animal in a washer is also hard on the stuffed animal as well if done the wrong way. When I wash my stuffed animal I wash her in the tub with ivory or mildly scented soap and occasionally Resolve stain remover to make her clean and pink again.

    When you wash a stuffed animal by hand you want to get as much of the water out of the thing as possible before putting it somewhere to dry. I will roll mine in a towel like a jelly roll and use a couple of towels. A lot if times I hang mine on something to let it air dry. The heat of a drier can cause problems.

    If you want it to last for years to come don't use bleach or bleach alternative.

    You could use your washer but be warned. Never put the settings on hot water. You want it to be washed in cold water if you can get by with it. The stitching in a lot of plushies are vulnerable to heat and will shrink This can cause the plush to look different and make a possible tear in the seams.

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    Fantastic comment and very informitive thank you so much!!!

    |p.s big mlp fan to, g1 mostly and g3.5 a little bit too

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