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Thread: Finding the right diaper size?

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    Default Finding the right diaper size?

    How can you tell what diaper size would fit you? For example, lets say your wearing your underpants, and you want a diaper size that fits you, Does this goes for adult diapers? Or regular diapers as well? And what kinds of brands should you get or recommend?

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    Measure your waist! That's usually an obvious answer. Some people measure with underwear sizes like when they are 32/34 M/M I know I would decrease it a size but there are smalls, mediums, larges, and so on. Adult diapers go by numbers yes, but they also go by size names, usually common. If you wear medium stuff, then a medium diaper would most likely fit you.

    There are several ways of measuring your waist size such as that figure.

    here is two links on how to finding out your waist size: (


    There is a size chart you can consider:

    And the sizes of diapers such as Y-small up to X-large (Picture came from XPMedical, link above)

    I missed another question!

    IF you want highly absorbency with cuteness included, grab Bambino Bellissimo. Might be on the expensive side but holds a ton. Grab those either at amazon or bambino!

    If you want regular highly cheap and highly absorbent diaper, the Abena M4 has your name and number on it. It's cheap for it's pack of 14 and these are also requireable either thru xpmedical, amazon, or bambino's website.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Armos View Post
    Thanks for the info! Have to try that.
    I missed your question about recommending diapers for you.

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    As Snivy said, measure your waist and consult the sizing of the company you're buying from. However, I would caution against taking that sizing as gospel, and even if it is correct for you, sample packs are advisable rather than buying a larger quantity of diapers that turn out unsuitable. Diapers are really personal, and while you can get good suggestions from others (I'm fond of Bambinos for thick diapers and Depends Protection with Tabs for light use), the very thing that makes them appealing to one can make them wrong for someone else.

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