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Thread: The NUK 5 in Australia

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    Default The NUK 5 in Australia

    Hi all,
    Most Americans are pretty familiar with the NUK brand, but here in Australia they're less well-known and harder to find; especially the coveted NUK 5 that we know and love!

    I'm writing this to hopefully help any other Aussie who is really wanting a NUK 5 but isn't sure about making the leap. There are currently two Australian distributors of the NUK 5, one of which is Littles Down Under ( You have two options there; the paci on its own ($21 AUD) or the paci with a NUK paci clip and chain ($29 AUD). These options both include free shipping with Australia Post's regular parcel service.

    For our American friends, $21 AUD is about $17 USD. Whilst this is more than triple the price of your average baby paci from the pharmacy, it's worth every single cent.

    I ordered mine late Monday afternoon. Imagine my surprise when I got an email shortly afterward stating that it had been shipped already!! I wasn't expecting it to go out till the next morning, but they got it out same day. Even better, Derek (I believe he is the owner?) shipped it out using Express Post, which meant that it arrived in my Parcel Locker at 12pm the next day. It came from Brisbane all the way to Melbourne (1800km/1100 miles!) in the space of about 15 hours - couldn't be more impressed.

    The paci was packaged and sent discreetly. The name and address on the postage label is "Corvus Green Distribution" which doesn't create any suspicion (though a Google search reveals the sister site, Corvus Green, which appears to sell therapy goods and such). It's in a simple Australia Post satchel, with nothing on the outside suggesting what is inside. Many shipping labels from other companies have the contents printed on it; this does not.

    Because they use Australia Post, you can now have it delivered to a Parcel Locker, or any local Post Office, rather than delivery to your house. This is great if you have nosy parents and don't want to risk having them see it or sign for it.

    As far as the paci goes, I had read about some people not liking the latex teat; personally - I don't mind. My other two baby pacis are silicone, but there is no bad taste or texture about latex. The teat is huge compared to a baby teat, so sucking on it is slower because it has to re-fill with air, but this is not an issue because it's the only paci that I've managed to keep in my mouth all night! I slept like a little baby, too. Couldn't be happier!!

    The clip is absolutely adorable with its little duckie print, and the design is genius - I can see how it would be impossible for a baby to unclip at either end. Obviously it's designed for a baby, so the chain is a bit shorter than I would like, and you'll need to clip it to a shirt or onesie as close to your chin as possible else you won't be able to look up properly. As long as it's clipped in a good spot, it doesn't restrict head movement.

    Overall, I'm so so happy with my purchase and after the excellent customer service, I will be back! If you're an Aussie looking for ABDL items, you would be well served to stop by Littles Down Under.

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    There are also a whole heap of unique Nuk 5 pacifiers on eBay Australia if you want a modified one. Seller is mazdam01

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    Thanks SuperTed. I had seen various NUK 5s on offer on eBay, but I'm happy with the original white NUK shield and Littles Down Under had the best price on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaunikins321 View Post
    Thanks SuperTed. I had seen various NUK 5s on offer on eBay, but I'm happy with the original white NUK shield and Littles Down Under had the best price on it.
    Yes Littles Down Under are a great company. It will be interesting to see how they expand with clothing etc.

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