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Thread: Buying pacifiers in secret?

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    Default Buying pacifiers in secret?

    Hi! I registered here basically to ask one question, I'll probably stick around. I'm not entirely sure on my identity and whether I am AB or not, but I really desperately want to get some pacifiers. There are two things in my way though :c

    1) I'm 18 and I live at home with my mum. There's no way she can find out I have them.

    2) I can't go out to a shop and buy them because I have severe anxiety. I wouldn't make it into the shop on my own. :'c

    I want to buy them online, but I don't really know where to (I'm in the UK). Can anyone, maybe someone in a similar situation, possibly verify somewhere I can order them and have them arrive discreetly packaged and with no way to tell what's in there? (I order a lot of books so I wanted to just say that it's books, however I have no idea how well that will work)

    Please help! ._.

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    You won't be able to have the label indicate 'books' but most good suppliers ship in discrete boxes with labels that will not give away the contents.

    I live in the US, so I will let others give you links to on-line stores.

    Good luck.

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