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Thread: Post-urination dribblage

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    Default Post-urination dribblage

    I'm having perhaps a small urinary and google problem. Clearly I'm not the first person to have ever experienced this, but I can't find the name for it either.

    There's an old rhyme about a male urinating:

    No matter how much you shake, no matter how much you dance, the last drop will always go in your pants!

    So I get that, that's normal. But sometimes I have a problem where that last drop turns into... too much more. At the urinal, I shake, I dance, and I'm totally 100% sure I'm totally done, finished, mission accomplished. But then 5-10 seconds later, a final squirt comes - a squirt of significance! No drop. If I'm lucky, my boxer briefs contain it, but if I'm unlucky, I'll noticeably wet my trousers. It sort of looks like a splash that one might accidentally get from washing their hands under fast-flowing water.

    I think it seems to be more prevalent when I'm cold. I've had my worst accidents then. And I've tried waiting an extra long time at the urinal just to be 110% super super duper sure. It doesn't help.

    I know it's not exactly an earthshattering problem, but I dunno, perhaps you fine ladies & gents have some words of wisdom that might help me on my way?

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    I'm a girl and I have the same exact problem. I've always bad that problem. Have you tried pushing a bit to get the last bit out?

    I wih I could be more help but I'm going to follow along jut incase someone else can help.

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    I know just what you mean .. I have for a long time had the same problem , a big last squirt after being sure I have shaken that last drop out. not unusaual at all for me to have a big wet spot, I just splash a bit more when washing my hands so it isn't just the one spot. I guess I should start wearing guards sooner or later.

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    My daytime incontinence started like that just a drip or a little dribble after using the toilet. Gradually it became a bigger more noticeable drip then a slight stream that I couldn't control

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    Same with me, it's become way more then a drip over the past year or so. Even tho I'm a guy I sit to pee, since being visually impaired makes it hard to aim perfectly, but even still, the last of it still seems to be more then just a few drops, if I'm around the house wearing sweatpants, after I'm done I notice it can be enuff to go down the inside of my pants leg, this is how I know it's way more. I've not really brought it up with my doctor yet as I don't want things up my pee hole, but if it gets way worse at some point then I'll mention it. I guess it will just be another reason I need diapers, since I already need them at night for intermitant bedwetting.

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    me too i have a little comes out i never can stop it. I was like this for years its odd the reason used to buy underwear pads to stop the little after drops. Not saying more to be PG.

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    It's common and is not necessarily a symptom of impending incontenence. Underwear pads help a lot. Usually you can use the lightest of them.

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    I'm in this category too but I find that sitting down rather than using the urinal helps reduce the volume of the uncontrolled release. Definitely happening more often over the last few years though...

    Been considering underwear pads but it is intermittent. I think that a trip to the doctor is in order just to check that it is nothing sinister. I'm certainly bringing it up with my Doctor when I see them next.


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    For this issue my urologist recommended sitting down to void, then stand up and move a bit, then sit down and void again. It's remarkable how well that helps to empty the system.

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    My continence nurse suggested doing similar.

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