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    Default hello world


    i like computer,sports and reading

    i don't know what to put here

    i recently found out i liked diapers, and googled teen in diapers and found this site.

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    Welcome to Adisc, hope you enjoy it here

    What kind of sports you like?

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    erm lets see football, badminton,cricket, most water sports except cannoing

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    using namespace std;
    int main()
    cout<<"Hello, frost. \n"
    return 0;

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    hello sir frost.... i hope you dont mind me saying that ^^, i say sir/ ma'am or mr/ms sometimes when i am in a good mood and talking to someone :3 :P

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    *huggles raccoon*

    i don't like being called sir

    and hi thallis

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    Welcome. I see you found your way into the chat. Don't worry if people don't talk, you just gotta be in there at the right time.

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    and lookies like you found my thread, im just plain impatient at times. please bear with me

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