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Thread: Which comic should I make first?

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    Default Which comic should I make first?

    First off, I'm transsexual and Christian. I know those two don't always go together, but telling me to let one of those go is like telling me to cut off my own head, it just won't happen. I feel like God made me trans to help other trans people not kill themselves (the successful suicide rate stands at 31%, attempt rate is 50+%).

    I love to draw, so I want to make a comic/manga with a trans character that lets trans readers know there are things to look forward to. I want them to feel good about themselves and who they are so they don't feel like suicide is the only way out.

    So my question is:
    Should I make another comic first to get my name out there, or should I start with the trans comic?

    I don't have all the details worked out quite yet, but the trans comic won't be something that can be enjoyed only by trans people. A boy who wants to be a girl looks into a mirror and there's him as a girl. He becomes upset because he feels even God is rubbing it in his face. Then the reflection takes him through the mirror where he becomes his female reflection, who is the princess of a country. He still has to go to and from his original life, where he has to cope with being a boy.

    Again, this is still in the beginning phases of the creative process. This is just a very brief overview.

    What do you guys think I should do?

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    I'd say whatever you feel comfortable making. If you want some examples of some excellent comics, check these links out.

    However you do it, animations, drawing, and whatever your storyline is; Drama, Horror, comedy, whatever you are into.

    Another thing to rephrase is first off, make sure you sketch your comics first before continuing so you know it makes sense and let others get a proof-read so you know you are in the right track!

    If you draw on paper and want to paint, either with oil crayons or computer software, here is a very good software to nail some very interesting color aspects and measurements. It's called PictBear, I'll link it below so check that out as well before you get someone to proof-read your comic and see what they think. - This is an editing software so it's perfect to finish up whatever you already patched up!

    Everyone has to start somewhere so don't worry about it if this is the beginning. I may not be trans but I think the comic would be interesting and I would be willing to read it, you got my vote! I also think that your comic idea is a terrific idea to reflect on the good things about trans and how positive they are in our world and since your the person to do that, I think you got something going on here. I'd say again, go for it!

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    Personally, I have a lot of ideas myself, everything from a superhero story meets anime, about a Aspie Superhero,
    To a Anime about my life which has a cartoon style, To fan fiction, some of them I don't really know too much about, personally for me If you can do it then do it.

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    As much as I hate to say it, you might wanna wait on the trans comic, lest your family discover what yer drawing and go ballistic again

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