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    Default Lvl 45 Drew

    *sits on his mount*

    Sup dudes.
    You already know me but just to recap;
    I'm 17, little below average height.
    A babyfur,
    Starting furry artist,
    A Sociology, and psychology major
    Currently getting: A+ Certified, Network+ Certified
    I play MMORPGs, and Xbox.
    I parkour, skate, Mountain bike, Kayak, rock climb, rollerblade, ect.

    I have on and off inco problems.

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    not much sup, welcome back drew btw, i never knew you were a+ certified

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    Quote Originally Posted by catty0320 View Post
    i never knew you were a+ certified
    No I am working on my certification, my school has a A+ course but I still have to take the exam with CompTIA

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    Who drew Drew in here? And since he's an artist: Has Drew ever drawn Drew?

    And now that my head is spinning: Welcome back to the forums!


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    Drew has drawn Drew, and the Drew that Drew drew has drawn crowds to see Drew's drawing of Drew.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drew View Post
    Currently getting: A+ Certified, Network+ Certified
    Keep at it with the CompTIA exam. I took the A+ material in school, but then got lazy and never bothered to take the test. I ended up working as interim technician at work for short while though, which was nice. Still, it looks good on the resume, as it reinforces your computer knowledge

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