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Thread: NorthShore Supreme Review

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    Default NorthShore Supreme Review

    The NorthShore Supreme is the plastic-backed variant of NorthShore's new line of diapers.

    This is a review of the small size, purchased in October 2014. These are designed to fit people with a waist measurement of 28-44 inches and are rated to hold approximately 946mL. The other sizes available are Large (40-58", 1183mL) and X-Large (48-64", 1242mL).

    Appearance, Size, and Features

    The NorthShore AirSupreme is plain white with a yellow wetness indicator line and product/batch information text running up and down it.

    Front and Back of Folded Diaper

    Three of the diapers were stacked, pressed down with a heavy object (a PS3), and measured to give an average height. The stack was measured at approximately 7.6cm, giving an average thickness of about 2.5cm.

    3 Diapers Stacked

    The NorthShore Supreme has 2 twice-fastenable tapes as do most plastic-backed diapers. The white tapes can be removed from the top of the blue tapes for refastening/adjustment, but this cannot be done again. The tapes stayed strong every time I wore these all the way until I took the diaper off.

    The Tapes

    I laid out the diaper and measured its dimensions. These are organized below for simplicity:

    Length: 80 cm
    Width at center: 18.0 cm between the elastics, 29.1 cm from edge-to-edge
    Width at wings (back): 64 cm (front): 67 cm

    Front and Back of Unfolded Diaper

    Performance and Fit

    In order to measure the capacity of the diaper, I wore it and poured water down the front 100 mL at a time followed by 30 seconds of sitting accompanying each pour, recording any observations I made and repeating. I concluded the test when the diaper leaked.

    At around 400 mL, the wetness indicator had turned blue along the front. At about 1000 mL, I noticed that the wetness had spread to the point that I was sitting on some wet padding, meaning that the diaper was wicking fairly well. After pouring 1800 mL in and sitting down, the diaper leaked from one side.

    At capacity, the diaper was difficult to move around in, although it was very noticeable when dry as well. The NorthShore Supreme was not very squishy compared to most at-capacity diapers.

    I find it reasonable to believe that the capacity of the NorthShore Supremes is much higher than its advertised capacity, as it took almost double the advertised amount of water before leaking.

    When refolded and measured, the diaper had swollen to 8.4 cm, a bit more than 3.3 times the dry thickness. This is a bit above average, surprising considering the NorthShore AirSupreme's lack of swelling.

    The Supreme wicked moisture very well, becoming obviously wet throughout the entirety of its absorbent section before leaking.

    Dry Diaper Next to Full Diaper After Quantitative Test

    My waist size is around 28 inches, at the absolute bottom end of the Supreme's advertised size range. It fit obviously large, going up to my belly button and forcing my legs apart much more than your average diaper. It was slightly softer than the NorthShore AirSupremes - but still comparable - and I noticed no issues with chafing.

    To test the diaper out in a real life scenario, I wore it for a day starting at 10 AM and ending at 8 PM. As I always do and advise others to do, I wet the diaper often and in small quantities. The diaper was near capacity when I removed it, and I probably would have experienced leaks if I had kept it on too much longer.

    The diaper was not at all discreet, being thick enough to keep me from walking normally and also fairly crinkly. It was very stiff, although it got much less so as I wore it for a longer time period. There was no noticeable smell or clumping. I was not able to adjust the tapes as they were limited-use, although I did not need to.

    Price and Final Thoughts

    I obtained these diapers for review from NorthShore Care Supply, where they are available in a pack of 15 for $21.45 ($1.45/diaper) or a case of 60 for $77.99 ($1.30/diaper). These are not available anywhere else as they are a proprietary NorthShore product.

    These diapers are distinctly not discreet, but their performance is nearly unmatched outside of ultra-premium diapers such as Bambino Bellissimos. These diapers are probably best suited as cheaper luxury diapers similar to the Abena M4s. These are good AB diapers, being luxury diapers, but suffer in that category due to the lack of designs or personality. These also suffer due to the lack of smaller sizes, though the average person here probably won't be troubled. I'd say get these if you want high performance and plastic backing that's slightly cheaper than the M4s.
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    I use his diaper every night and wake up with a dry bed every day no leaks very good diaper for night use

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    I just bought a pack of them and hope to see good results, thank you! And I think it will fit me well(I have a 28" waist as well) And the small advertised 22"-30".

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    Hdis night premium are the same as the northsore breathable nights. Cost less. Just and FYI for those who like the breathable s.

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    I think these are great. 2 improvements I would suggest. 1 heavier gauge leg elastic. Like alot of diapers, the leg elastics are shot by the time they travel tightly packed. Heavier gauge would help. 2. Anchor the leak guards higher up. These are anchored half way up the front and that does not always catch a "high stream". 2 easy fixes that really should not cost anything to do. A plus would be to make the leak guards a little taller, but that would be a design change that may cost something extra.

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    I was just looking at these online and wondering how good they were! Thank you this was VERY helpful.

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    Anyone have a method to improve/substitute for the tapes? I also find them to be quite weak.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PuppyLover View Post
    Anyone have a method to improve/substitute for the tapes? I also find them to be quite weak.
    You really can't improve/substitute the tapes on a diaper. You can, however, reinforce them by using duct or packing tape. Duct tape will almost always work. On the other hand, packing tapes sometimes will work and sometimes not, it depends on the brand and type of packing tape you get. Duct and packing tape are available in many stores and online.

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