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    hello all i thought idd make a thred for the drynite lovers out there
    ive tryed a lot of diapers but non come even close to the comfort of drynites the way they swell and look and feel ill admit i think i use them to much
    in the pub
    on a dog walk
    at work
    at home
    were ever i can ha ha
    i dont get online much but id love to meet and chat to other drynite lovers such as myself
    so tell me your story
    why you love them etc
    peace and love ...kev

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    Yup, the way that Drynites (Goodnites for me) swell and their prints are definitely a wonderful things that many other brands fail to do. Thus making Goodnites my go-to diaper, but i have also started tp recently use them paired with the new Goodnites Tru-Fit inserts. I really love them that way, they hold more and are all around better.

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    I always found goodnight to have weaker build the sides used to tear for me this was a few years back when I bought the insted of drynites by accident. Might have to check out those inserts. Are they sold in Morrisons?

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    Goodnites are my favourite too but they're a little pricey. I tried to find some cheap knock-offs, but they're horrible quality. The prints are also really awesome! And you're right, they're soooooo comfortable.

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    Not to sure, about Morrison's as i don't have any around me, but i know they have them just about every where that sells regular Goodnites. Not sure if they have the Tru Fit pads outside of the US yet, they are relatively new. But if you can find them definitely get some.

    - - - Updated - - -

    The sides on the newer designs of goodnites in the US are a lot stretchier.

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    amazon wont even ship to the uk for this product awwwwwwwwww crys
    just made my first order from cuddlz the all in one washable extra thick diaper should be lush over a drynite or 2 XD

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