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Thread: Night and day diapers ?

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    Default Night and day diapers ?

    Do you wear a different diaper in the day compared to night and what 2 brands do you use
    I use
    Day : kolibri combslip or formacare xl
    Night : comficare L10 (no leaks since using these )

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    I use Absorbency Plus Level 4 for daytime. Cloth for evening and overnight.

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    I tried a bunch of different brands recently.

    For the day, those I like the most are :
    - tena slip maxi
    - attends slip regular 10
    - ID expert slip super
    those three are comfortable even after several wettings, didn't cause me too much chaffing, absorbs like the premium diaper they are =)

    For the night, I can wear something a bit more bulky and less convenient for walking, such as :
    - Comficare
    - Abena Abri-form
    - Cloth diaper

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    For daytime I use M4s and if I had more, Tena slip maxis.

    For evening and overnight it's a boosted M4.

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    Day time diapers are, TotalDry Plus Briefs, and some of the Absorbency Plus Level 4.

    Night time diapers are Bambino Bellissimo Diapers, Comficare L10 Diapers and ConfiDry Dry 24/7 Diapers.

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    Both day and night, I mostly use ID expert slip super, which are issued to me by the local Continence Clinic. Personally, I find them equally reliable both day and night, rarely experiencing leaks; if I do get leaks, they are usually minor and inconsequential. I do also have a pack or two of Tena Slip Maxi or Ultima should I run out of the ID expert. I don't think there is much to choose between the two in terms of capacity and reliability.

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    For the night i'm wearing the comfortable Molicare Super Plus in M size . A very good diaper!

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    Day: Kermit's "it's not easy being green" Tena Stretch Super (for comfort and the occasional/rare "oops").
    Night: Dry 24/7, Bellissimos, NorthShore

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    Tena extra by day and tena maxi by night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ST50 View Post
    Tena extra by day and tena maxi by night.
    No terries?

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