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Thread: Your favorite toys as a child

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    Default Your favorite toys as a child

    :bunny: I have wanted to start this thread for some time, as this is a particularly nostalgic topic for me. It is close to my birth day and my wife and I were talking about our favorite toys and had a great time going down memory lane. I have searched the threads and found nothing specifically related to favorite childhood toys.

    Toys and memory of your toys are a valuable link to your childhood. We span several generations here at ADISC so we should have quite an array of memories to contribute.

    Christmas and my birthday were very close together, so winter time has always been associated with toys and toy memories. This was further influenced by my two sons birth dates falling within one week of mine (in January).

    Two weeks after my first son was born I bought a Mighty Tonka Dump Truck for him(?). I continued to buy almost every model of Mighty Tonka for him into his pre-school years.

    Every Christmas I would get a Printed Metal Gas Station with garage area, operating car lift, ramp that led to a parking area for cars. (I played hard with these toys and so they were usually worn out after a year. The station worked well with (USA)Tootsie Toys cars and trucks and (UK) Dinky (Meccanno) cars and trucks, as well as, various flexible molded vinyl cars and trucks, REMEMBER THOSE?(USA), and printed tin friction cars and trucks from Japan. I also had a large collection of Tonka Toys. I always had new models to bring to school for "Show and Tell" after Christmas and then after my birthday. I'd carry them on the bus with great pride.

    Before I started grade school, (No Kindergarten when I was a kid), My mother bought me die-cast (1/43 scale) Dinky Toys. These were my favorite toys, but were quite expensive because they were imported from England (started in 1934 by Meccanno - same manufacturer as Erector Sets).

    Near one of my Birthday's, my mother wrote to the manufacturer and signed me up for a membership in the Dinky Toy Club of England. I received a large manilla envelope in the mail addressed to ME! Inside was a Certificate of Membership, A cloisonné pin with Dinky Toy Club, a quarterly news letter and a catalog of the entire Dinky Toy line.

    Many of my toys were construction trucks and equipment, but a large assortment of my toys were military. My father was a Commanding Officer (A Full Colonel) in the Washington National Guard.

    When I was in second grade, my mother started buying me Matchbox Cars (Lensey), (UK) at the toy store in Olympia, Washington. (These actually came individually boxed and numbered). I collected and played with these at least until I was 13 years old. (I probably had 150- 200).

    Construction toys included Lincoln Logs, Erector Sets(Meccanno), and colored wood block sets. I also had colored block sets that attached with metal snaps (REMEMBER THOSE?). I had American Bricks but never had Lego's. The only kids I knew that had Lego's, got them when their father was in the military and they were stationed over-seas in Germany or other US Military bases in Europe.

    When I turned eleven I got my first slot car set - an Aurora Model Motoring HO Stirling Moss (figure eight) set. I built up my track and car set to six lanes and 200+ feet over 8 years. I played with and raced these into high school. I sold 50 of my original cars four years ago :bunny:

    So how 'bout you? What were your favorite toys?
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    If stuffed animals count, my stuffed monkey he used to do everything with me.

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    By far my favourite toy as a kid, I would get a train set every Christmas from my grandparents. I'm not even sure what's so good about them; probably the fun of making the tracks and setting it all up...
    Aww it's making me want to play with some now.

    I don't really have many memories of playing when I was really young... Unless my guinea pig counts! I remember me and my dad (and later on me and my sister with a hamster) setting up video cases into a little maze for it.

    I also played with teddies alot! And with aliens (those things that live in goo in those egg things?).

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    Magic 8 ball
    Silly putty
    Mouse Trap (best board game behind Risk)

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    I used to play with Legos for HOURS, I also collected Nerf dart/water guns. But the baddest, most hardcore, intense and epic toy of them all was "Bop it!" (sorry people, couldn't resist), I used to play it with my friends, beating their records and I sometimes tried to break my personal score, tons of laughs and fun. I still play it with a few friends when we are bored or with my little cousins, I never get tired of it.

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    Hot wheels!

    thought it led to a habit, and I now collect hot wheels!

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    My penis.....Hey I was a talented kid. Joking

    I was fond(still am) of legos.

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    Favorite toys from pre-school age were:

    Tonka road building set including dump truck, grader, and gravel loader.
    Garton police-style tricycle
    Hamilton "Greyhound" wagon
    Wind up train. Not sure of the make, but it ran on the same guage track as Lionel. I played with it until the spring finally gave out.

    Favorite school age toys:
    HO Electric train set which replaced the broken wind up set.
    Building sets - American Plastic Bricks, Erector set, Kenner Girder & Panel and Hydro Dynamic building sets.
    I was given a Roadmaster bicycle at 10 years old, but I was never that much into bike riding as a kid and it mostly sat unused. Wish I still had it today because it's a classic among vintage bike collectors.


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    Does my NES pass for a toy? If not, LEGOs. Definitely LEGOs. Runner-ups would be: The Incredible Crash Dummies, TMNTs and anything Star Wars (preferably the Micro Machines). Below are pictures of my favorite toys from the aforementioned series:


    The Incredible Crash Dummies:


    Star Wars (Micro Machines):

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    I loved the crash dummies but i only had like one car at the time because a few months after i got a crash dummy car we moved overseas.

    Loved micro machines especially the Star Trek and Star Wars ones. I always had a ton of sets for those and miss them a lot (I always pitted the Borg against everyone else...least to say is i have been assimilated :P)

    Still like Hot Wheels and have a few around right now probably because I'm kinda a car guy. I used to be heavy into the track sets, but didn't have a ton of track to work with which brings me to my all time favorite...

    LEGO. Always loved them and still do today. When i was young i started with the big duplo blocks at first, then upgraded to the regular size LEGOS, then graduated to the super cool TECHNIC versions. When i was younger i would always build a Christmas train every year that would have a custom design every year with a train stop and everything. I always wanted to make my very own LEGO city but i never had the time or money to get that project going. Every time i go back home to NJ (which is very few these days) i get some idea to build something on my own that's super complex. Still have my LEGO Star Destroyer sitting in my old bedroom, although it's pretty hard to maintain it these days. Also like to stop in the LEGO store when i get the chance, always neat to see the new models out there.

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