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Thread: Intro- Crinklewish

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    Talking Intro- Crinklewish

    Hello evereyone, my name is Crinklewish

    I first got intrested in regression when I was really young and still in a childcare center. I noticed the other children got a lot of attention, and I started to play with the smaller kids because they were more fun. Over time, this started to grow, and I began watching Preschool shows back on Playhouse Disney,noticing that I felt a lot more relaxed after.

    When I regress, im ussually very shy and closed off, although heard by other sites to be an excellent roleplayer.

    By age 18 it spiked, by age 19 I couldnt control it. By where I am now, I had a full professional control except for the occassional accident thanks to hypnosis that I do 3 times a week.

    Also, outside of regression I am an artist. See that cute purple puppy on my profile? Thats Violet from Leapfrog. Had a lot of fun making that one, basing the design off of a book that I have of her. I love quiet times and being held. I

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    Welcome to the forum and no need to be shy, just have fun

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    Welcome to ADISC! I was hoping you'd make an introduction

    I can't wait to see you all over the forums! I can't wait to see you become very popular and have over 100, maybe 1,000 friends!

    I wouldn't be shy over something like that, if your not embarrassed, then let it wellow it over your body and become one with the puppy I hope you feel better with that hypnosis trick and things get super terrific with you!

    Again, hope to see you soon and let's be friends!

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