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    Smile Stealth Nursery

    I converted a desk and a bookshelf together to make it transform into a changing table, That way i can do work and then WOOMPH! change, back to work.

    Although it is a little destracting at times it is fantastic so guests can walk in my nursery. I am also setting up an under-the-bed conversion for my bed to turn to a crib. Mabey there is a way to make a TOTALLY STEALTH nursery. Sure blue walls are normal. False bottom toybox with files? Okay! As for the other things... and the smell of powder (ussually important in the adult babys and diaper lovers) are a little less stealth. What do you think?

    What are your ideas for a stealth nursery?

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    A stealth nursery would be pretty great. Also, with your desk + bookshelf combination to make a changing table, I hope you put something soft on top of the desk to make for a comfortable changing station o_o

    As for other ideas, I'm not sure I can think of any good ones. Mind you, I did come across this one piece of furniture from an IKEA catalogue, which was a toddler-sized crib that can have the sides removed to become a decent couch. It sounds like the perfect discreet way for having a crib in your room, but the problem is that it is sized for a toddler and would be VERY uncomfortable is you were an adult.

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    @SiillySwampert I have a special SUPER soft blankie just for the occassion to keep it comfortable

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    A day bed kind of looks like a crib. Just make a front panel your set

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    Have proper nursery. Close door. Done.

    It's my house. If I don't want people in a particular room, then they have no business being in that room. It's not their business what's in every room and behind every door in my house.

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    Diaper Pail could easily be disguised as a trash can, lol, and it'll contain the smell of used diapers minimizing the smell for people if they happen to wander into the room.

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    All very good suggestions! thank you!

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    I used to do this back in the early 2000's (2001-2004) because I hadn't told anybody about my AB/DL side, yes, I used to be a strict AB/DL before I discovered babyfur in 2004 and I decided to go that route instead, I don't usually like talking about my AB/DL strict days, but I will try my best. for on the go paci storage, I bought a nokia 3310 back and faceplate set (yeah, I'm that old!) and stuffed a few pacis in the case before snapping in together again, nobody questioned it as everyone I knew had a Nokia bar phone back then. I got away with taking it everywhere, school, the mall, my great uncles funeral (I needed a paci break after that one!), etc, that might not work now, but it worked at the time and kept them safe. I also removed the down from an old jacket and stuffed my diapers in there, looked like every other down jacket and I was able to smuggle my used diapers to the cafeteria dumpster (did I mention I was quite stupid back them!), avoided getting caught many times and had to bribe a few friends to keep quiet, luckily I always carried a few packs of dunkaroos. I also gutted an old thermous and hid my bottle in there, got shards of glass in my hand but it was worth it, got away with many "Bathroom Bottle Breaks" back in elementary school, janitor caught me but never said a word, though he always winked at me when I went in the bathroom, loved that guy!

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