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    Does anyone know how the Dignity PM overnight diapers are? It has been really hard to find reviews for them. I ordered a 10 pack will be able to try them out soon. I am really excited though and am curious to hear how they hold up? How do they compare to the Tranquility ATN's?

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    They arent bad. They have a cloth like backing and decent absorbency. My only gripe is no waistbands or inner leak guards.

    I don't know for sure, but I am 99% positive that Dignity is the one who manufactures the A+ diapers for XP Medical. I have put them side by side, and noticed that they are nearly identical except for thickness (A+ are probably double or more thickness).

    If you want a cheap but decent plastic backed one, try their Dignity Classic Extra. They are only about $5 to $6 a bag online through DiaperBuys.

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    you are right thickdiapers. I finally am able to wear them and they are great. I will say I was a bit skeptic when I first put them on but they really do hold up. I agree, I am not a fan of no leak guards but they do hold multiple wettings quite well. Even though they are really cheap from diaper, I still think I will pay a few extra bucks and buy the Tranquility ATN's

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