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    Hello everyone, I am a junior in college studying computer science. I hope to get a job in IT or programming. I have learned Java, C++, Javascript, and some HTML. I enjoy watching movies (horror, action, adventure, thrillers, science fiction) and playing video games (shooters, rpg, survival horror, action/adventure). I first found out I liked diapers when I was 12. I'm not really into being an adult baby but I do respect those who are. Instead I love wearing and using diapers. I am a straight male. I got to wear my first diapers freshman year of college (Tranquility ATN) and have since tried Tena and Depends. I am really excited to get to know some new people here and would love to talk.

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    Hello dprabdldpr3 and welcome to the group.

    This is a very nice and informative introduction.

    Again welcome to the group and I hope to see you in the forums.

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    Great to have you on the forums. Dig around the forums and jump in to any conversations that interest you.



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    Thanks everyone. This site is wonderful. I have been browsing the forums and I love all the conversation people are having. Thanks again for the welcome!

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    Glad to welcome you to the forum, dprabdldpr3

    Sounds like a sweet degree and even sweeter goal in life. I'm currently taking a bachelor degree in design, and currently taking an illustration major. I hope to try and get into the entertainment or even advertising industry, as I have a passion for drawing and character design.

    I'm a gamer myself, but I'm more for adventure games or RPGs. Mind you, though, I have been rather enthralled with the latest FPS, Destiny. I've seen my brother play it, and I have to admit that it looks pretty awesome.

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