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Thread: new goodnites = not soo small

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    Default new goodnites = not soo small

    got the new boys goodnites, i have been scared of buying them because of everyone saying they are as small as baby diapers now ect ect..
    anyway i bought a pack and like the new design personally.
    i do not feel like the pullup is any shorter both my wife and i fit into the them just fine with room to spare around the waste and our butts covered all the way..
    the sides are super stretchy, im 170 pounds and about 34 inch waste and could stick two hands in the waistline of the pullup with ease while wearing wife fits into them fine too with room to spare
    i did notice they seemed thinner than previous goodnites, i was worried about absorbency until i tested one. i peed twice in one over an hour and was amazed at how it absorbed(it did leak a little the second time but i was pushing the limits on purpose) anyway i havnt seen a pullup absorb that much was pleasantly surprised..
    i was gonna take a pic of two but decided against it, go buy some and try em for yourself. personally im pretty happy with them. i think most people will be impressed with the absorbency..
    i think people with waste sizes up to about 36 inches should fit into them fine personally(it might be possible that the girls goodnites are smaller than the boys ones but im not sure, i tried the girls ones a few months ago and wasnt too happy with them..)

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    I just got the new boys ones also and compared them to the old ones I still have (I also like the new design!). The new ones are easier to pull on, but I think as others have said that the rise is a little bit small, it is not much, the old ones I could pull up past my belly button in the front, the new I think is right below. (Also I am about 180 lbs and 33-34 waste).

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    Man, if they would just make these in adult sizes.....

    Even without the graphics.

    I always wondered why the adult versions don't have padding all the way up the front and back like Pull-Ups / Goodnites do.

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    These new goodnites sound a lot like Underjams. Has anyone compared them?

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    underjams are thicker and the side rip wifes favorites are underjams..they do no last to long because of the tapes..

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    I was playing around with the XL goodnites (I've got a 34" waist). My wife was working in a special ed classroom and the other teacher is looking at some goodnites that were sent in for one of the older boys who was finally in the toilet training process and she's going "I don't think these are going to fit." My wife picked them up and started stretching them and saying she was pretty sure they would stretch out enough (without indicating how she knew for sure).

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    Does the official sizing reflect this in any way? Are they significantly bigger than the old ones? Although I'd be more interested in the girls' ones, if they're making them bigger, then maybe it will be worth trying them again someday.

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