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Thread: Origin of ABDL (Theory)

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    Lightbulb Origin of ABDL (Theory)

    I think I might have discovered where ABDL comes from. Might.

    First and foremost, by far the most vulnerable time in anyone's life is during early childhood (birth to about 6yrs). It is when the child's psyche is formed; thus, it is susceptible to being twisted and broken far too easily. Pardon me if I'm overgeneralizing, but I think this is where our 'kink' comes from.

    Allow me to explain this. After having a look at a few ABDL's brief childhood stories (which were all on this site), I've concluded that most ABDLs are born out of emotional, mental, or physical trauma as a way to cope with them.

    I've noticed that a good number of ABs on ADISC have said that they suffered from parental or otherwise emotional abuse at some point in their lives. So, they had to find a way to deal with it. ABs, though, dealt with it by wanting to become a carefree baby again who didn't have to deal with this abuse as a way to combat it. This makes logical sense because it was born from a trauma and, because it was placed in their developing psyches, has stuck with them for all their lives.

    As for physical trauma, I'm talking about mostly injuries and sexual abuse. The latter is also explained by the above paragraph as a way to cope, so I'll get to the first one. Physical injuries, particularly ones that would make a young child bedridden for a while, might require a possibly already potty-trained child to wear diapers again due to being bedridden. The child most likely began to view them as a comfort (if they took that train of thought) and thus led to ABDL. Additionally, but somewhat off-topic, IC people who are also ABDL learned to like their diapers and began to view them as a comfort in a similar fashion.

    Lastly, mental trauma. This is the road I think led me to the ABDL world. Since you also develop fears of things that scar you in your early childhood, I think ABDL sometimes grows out of them in a similar fashion. Take me, for example. When I was in the vulnerable age group, I had the dumbest nightmare ever, but it scarred me for life. It was about a toilet that ate me whole. Then, I became afraid of toilets that had any kind of autonomy, specifically autoflush ones (a delicious source of Jump Scares while you're peeing!). They really were the scariest things EVER when I was little! In other words, I was mentally traumatized by a nightmare because, again, of a delicate psyche. I probably wanted to go back to diapers so I wouldn't have to deal with them, and thus my love for diapers was born.

    All in all, I think most ABDLs became what they are as a way to escape these traumas and cope with stress. Now that I think about it, maybe ABDL is nowhere near as depraved as people who are afraid of us make us out to be. So, maybe we're not so abnormal after all!

    But hey, that's just a theory. A GAME THEO--no, I'm not gonna steal a page out of MatPat's book here.

    So, what do you guys think?

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    Hi, Storm. I think we've all struggled to understand this part of ourselves and where it came from. Anytime you deviate from the societal norms in such a meaningful way, as we all do, that's going to happen. We're going to look for reasons, meaning, and patterns. Unfortunately, I've not seen many yet.

    I think the reasons we are who we are are as varied as the people here. There are as many reasons we are like this are there are AB/DLs in the world. I think the best we can do is accept that it makes us feel good, physically and emotionally, and accept this part of ourselves. I honestly think that's the best we're going to get, and it's the healthiest thing to do.


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    I don't know if any of us will ever be able to pinpoint a reason. I had a completely normal childhood in every aspect, except for the fact that I was a short and skinny little kid growing up, usually the smallest kid in my class, including most of the girls. This did lead to some "picking on," but life goes on. Could this be a factor for me? I really don't think so, but hey, who really knows.

    The older I get, the more I just accept things the way they are and go with it, without trying to figure out the "why's."

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    I think it may be different for each person but your theory is sound and it does fit for me personally.

    I was always behind developmentally but I never had the guts to tell anyone one who asked what was going on at home. It wasn't until I was 14 and I was taken out of special Ed that I finally told a counselor about the physical, emotional and sexual abuse and she explained to me that children who suffer trauma have a tendency to regress as a way of making themselves feel safe.

    She told me that with as severe as it was that may have been why I kept a childish mindset in school and ende up in special Ed.

    I think that's the closest ill personally ever come up with an explanation.

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    This "answer" comes up from time to time. It doesn't fit me at all. I had a non-traumatic, supportive childhood and no personal disabilities, which is not uncommon. I think we bark up the wrong tree looking for objective causes, as if there was a recipe for making an ABDL. Our budding personalities are the catalyst in this reaction. We experience the same things as many other children while growing up but to us, they hold different significance and act as triggers.

    Why do we react to these things differently? Who knows. I doubt we will get down to it anytime soon. Ultimately, I don't think it's very important. We are here now, as adults, and our energy is best spent living with this and others in a productive way.

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    Sorry but your reasoning doesn't fit me either. I had a nice happy normal childhood. I think it is different for everybody. There are plenty of people that go through abuse and yet do not become AB. I think saying that some people become AB because of abuse is perfectly reasonable though. All in all I don't think there is ever going to be one blanket reason as to why we do what we do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabo12 View Post
    Sorry but your reasoning doesn't fit me either. I had a nice happy normal childhood. I think it is different for everybody. There are plenty of people that go through abuse and yet do not become AB. I think saying that some people become AB because of abuse is perfectly reasonable though. All in all I don't think there is ever going to be one blanket reason as to why we do what we do.
    Hit the head on the nail for me, Gabo. For some reason, I started wanting to wear diapers when I was four years old and have wanted to ever since, and I was never abused. I think I must've spent years trying to figure out why I wanted to wear diapers so I could "cure myself," but that never worked out...
    I sometimes think there is no comprehensible reason why I'm AB/DL. That is what's so weird to me... </ramble>

    I do think there's gotta be some reasons for being ABDL (like what StormTroper suggests) that apply to more of us than many others, but man, I can't figure me out for the world.

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    I side with Trevor and subsequent posters here. In my case, I was adopted at the age of two, so I probably didn't have the nurturing a baby needs, but I think our desire for diapers is caused by other factors. I tend to side with mapping and how we made early on connections with objects, perhaps potty training and early prepubescent sexual feelings. Anyway, by the time I was four years old, I wanted to be back in diapers.

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    I have also heard that theory come up many times. I have also heard the opposite come up, that some ABDLs had good childhoods and enjoy returning to childhood. I've also heard a lot of different theories.

    I have heard some ABDLs say the first one (trauma/abuse) was true in their case. I have heard some say that they had a great childhood. I have heard other ABDLs say they believe that something completely different was what lead them to ABDL; an experience during potty training (That it was rushed or too laid back), exposure to an episode on TV that related to "going back to babyhood" or "diapers" being their first intrigue, and many other things.

    I haven't heard of any theories that are consistent among all or even most ABDLs.

    I also think that is because of other factors. All ABDLs are different. Some of them aren't into diapers, some are. Some feel that it is a fetish or sexual thing, for some it is more of an identity. Basically, different people are attracted to or affected by ABDL in different ways, so that would make it even harder to come up with a theory that fits everyone.

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