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    So I have this girl in my life she seems like she would be very understandin but I have no clue how to bring up the conversation on diapers. Like I also wanna know how to convince her to at least try it out once. Any help would be awesome thanks!

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    Rule number one: don't force it on her. if she doesn't want to, don't make her or persuade her.

    Now, as far as telling her goes, make sure that's the kind of thing that you can talk about. If things arent already "private" between you two, probably not the best idea to tell her. Wait til youre both ready to know. Likewise, just because you have that kind of intimacy, she might not accept it very well. Some people dont. So its best to slowly approach the topic, usually its easier to ask what they know about ABDL stuff before coming out with it. That helps (1) to ease into the conversation (2) know what kind of things youll have to explain to her.

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    I would exercise MASSIVE caution when it comes to telling anybody. For some, AB/DL is a very private lifestyle, so telling someone takes a very strong connection and understanding.

    First, really question whether or not you NEED to tell her. Why does she need to know? Why is it beneficial for you to share? Again, to reinforce the notion, this is a VERY private topic and usually such topics are left private unless the person is close in an intimate or significant way, or they find out accidentally (P.S. I advise you to NOT try and place clues or leaving AB/DL stuff lying around on purpose for her to find out)

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