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Thread: how do I meet other ab/dl irl

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    Default how do I meet other ab/dl irl

    I have no idea how to meet other ab/dl in real life. I just wanna make some friends with similar intrest in diapers. If you have any tips or know of events I can attend it would be awesome! Ty! ^.^

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    Greetings. Suffice to say that this is not the place where answers like this are easily answered, nor are they the focus of what this forum is about. Here, you can meet plenty of interesting and fun people who definitely share interests, but we're not specifically a Q&A forum where we can make things easier for others to find like-minded people in real life.

    As I said, if you'd want to make friends on here, then you are more than welcome to stay and tell us a bit a bout yourself We may not be able to help you find AB/DLs in the real world, but you can certainly make friends with those here.

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    It's really hard, tbh. Most are met on accident, it's really hard to find them otherwise. Your best bet is to go to somewhere like Fetlife (other users might know more similar websites) and find a local ABDL community. Lots of them are on there, and usually what happens is once every month/two weeks/week (depending on the group and their preferences) for a public meeting, usually at a restaurant, where everything is PG, meaning your clothes cant be something overly ABDL, but you can be padded under your clothes. They'll have their own guidelines as well, so make sure you know before going (and let the organizers know, dont just show up). However, there are also private meeting done every now and there where someone hosts at their house. Things can get escalated (always get consent!) and the dress code is much more lenient, but more often than not they require you to have gone to a certain number of public meetings first (obviously for security reasons).

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    Yeah.... actually the 2 ABDLs in rl I know were completely by luck. I don't hang out with them anymore because of their illegal habbits, but they were fine back then. I agree try fetlife or if you're looking for a partner...Honestly you have to be in a well-populated area or you'll get next to no results. Funny thing is, if 1 doesn't sign up, others won't and that deters others and so on...So a lot of these places are skewed because I doubt anyone finds reason to bother since there's very few people like them that are willing to advertise... But if you live in a good area, you may get lucky. You never know.

    Just be careful meeting people - you don't want to get some psycho-killer or stalker or something... It happens.

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    I by accident found two Winnipeg ABDL they are a rare site we have so little met one irl at a restaurant and boy wanna meet again one day.

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    Fetlife munch.
    That how I did .
    Safe meeting in public .
    Just be careful lots of groups the trick there is check out a ad/dl group then click on a members page.
    Then you look at groups they belong to.
    Good luck

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    Generally, you sign up to Fetlife, find out about munches in your region (The Big Little Podcast has some good info on regional munches) and also hope for the slim chance of meeting an openly ABDL person in an everyday situation, whom you then click with.

    In terms of meeting individuals from ADISC, you'd have a far better chance by becoming friends with a particular individual you like through threads, PMs etc., and then asking if they want to meet up IRL once you're both close online companions. That has a better chance of success (especially long-term friendship and maybe more) than simply making a thread asking where you can meet other ABDLs. People are way more likely to want to meet up with someone who they believe has a particular connection with them, as opposed to meeting someone who just wants to hang out with anyone who happens to be ABDL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SirNapsALot View Post
    People are way more likely to want to meet up with someone who they believe has a particular connection with them, as opposed to meeting someone who just wants to hang out with anyone who happens to be ABDL.
    This sentence... exactly.

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    I've met dozens of other ABDLs. I did not meet any of them in a vanilla context. I met some online, some at lunches and ABDL parties, and a few at other fetish events.

    In all the time I've spent meeting other ABDLs, I have never had a Bad Experience. The worst thing that ever happened was that someone started texting me too persistently, and I blocked his number. I've also had a few people cancel a meeting at the last meeting based on a transparently false excuse. But most of the people I've met I was glad I met. True, some of them were people I had nothing in common with except ABDLhood. But one of the nice things about being a sexual minority is that it gives you a reason to meet people who are really different from you. That's a good thing.

    Though my own experiences have been very positive, I would recommend a bit of caution for someone who is 19 years old, especially when it comes to meeting people who are significantly older. There is a power differential between a 19 year old and a 29 year old (say) that is hard to navigate even if the 29 year old has good intentions...and of course, there are also creepers out there.

    That doesn't mean you shouldn't try to meet others yet. You're not too young to go to munches. Meeting others one on one is okay too, especially if they are close to your age. But always meet in a public place, like a coffee shop. Always have your own not accept a ride the first time you meet someone. Don't leave a beverage unattended. If at any time you feel uncomfortable, feel no obligation to stay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Plushie View Post
    I agree try fetlife or if you're looking for a partner.
    First time hearing about ABDLMatch...and wouldn't you know it, there's 2 mommies near where i live; one of em is even in the same town.
    Guess I'll try chatting with them, and see where things go.

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