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Thread: Good adult pull up

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    Default Good adult pull up

    I'm looking for a adult pull up that has full padding like a good night like all the way up front and back.

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    Your not going to have much luck in that other than depends as they act like underwear too much.

    Something like that would be a tab-diaper but what your looking for, you can find here:

    Tena, Tranquility, and Abena Abri-Flex are highly absorbent for pull-ups in this case but I would recommend the Abri-Flex:

    Absorbent and comfortable i'm sure to your standards and they are easy to obtain.

    Here's a video review about them

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    Default Biggest waist size for largest good nights

    I'm wondering what waist size goodnites will fit

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    From what ive seen people only in the small range of waist sizes can fit them from like 29in to possibly 34in but I think 34 is pushing it

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    Hi Beginner93,
    The largest Goodnites will stretch nicely to fit quite large bodies. When measuring bodies for diaper size, your widest point is more useful = the hip measurement. Even if somebody has a tiny waist, wider hips could result in diapers not fitting properly. Just get a pack and see if they fit :-)


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    What about drynites do they strech anymore my littles waist is 32 but has a big butt

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    im around 34 inch waste and can fit them with room to spare(im 170 pounds currently) these are the new goodnites..everyone was saying they are supposed to be tiny but i found the opposite to be true..
    i got the new boys design(its cute to btw) i was scared they were going to be too small both my wife and i fit in the new design with room to spare(both of us had several inches of extra room and they are long enough to cover our butts..the sides are way stretchier imo..i noticed they seemed thinner, but when wet they puffed up to a pretty awesome size honestly(try wearing one into the tub/shower to get an idea of the absorbency)..
    i give the new goodnites design a solid A. i love the absorbency(its allot)

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    I have a waist of around 40" and the L/XL size fit me fine, I wouldn't call it a normal fit, but they work as intended and never leaked on me when I'm cautious, they last through the night without problems at all.

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    Especially the new extra-stretchy Goodnites! They are so much more comfy, even for us smaller peeps that like to wear them.

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    I would say at least 37 inches, but that's a bit of a blind guess. But this is for certain; because it is the intent of the product, GoodNites are pretty thin and thus will fit like underwear. So GoodNites don't quite give off that diaper-like fit that thicker adult tape-on diapers do, even with my 31" waist. But, they still serve the purpose they're meant to, so they'll get the job done if you fit in them.

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