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Thread: Sudden intense need to wear diapers

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    Default Sudden intense need to wear diapers

    I'm relatively new to this site, and am very happy to meet other people I can relate to

    I'm a little/ab, and over the past several years, I have only had the opportunity to wear diapers once (due to a completely lack of privacy). I absolutely LOVED wearing them but have been too afraid to start wearing them regularly because I don't want to live in constant fear/anxiety of my family finding the diapers and then have to worry about disposing them afterwards....but all of a sudden, I have this intense, uncontrollable need to wear diapers. I can hardly think of anything else right now, the desire is sooo strong - so intense, in fact, that I feel like I can no longer resist and am willing to risk being caught just to satisfy the craving.

    I'm so grateful to have discovered this site, as reading about others' experiences (and advice!) is giving me the courage I need to be more true to myself and take care of my ab needs.

    Thanks for listening! {{hugs}}

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    Hello and welcome to Adisc!

    I can understand the sudden intense need, however, you really need to think about the fact that once the secret is out, there's no taking it back. If you go to the articles section on this forum you will find a lot of helpful information on the subject

    So, what are some hobbies or interests you're into other than diapers?

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    Thank you so much for responding to my post, and for helping me to think more clearly about the choices I am facing with regard to risking being found out. I'm going to be spending a lot of time here reading about the pros and cons, I didn't notice the article section before, thanks for letting me know about it!

    My only hobby is playing Second Life. It's the only place I can be myself fully and treated like a little girl. I wonder if my sudden need to wear diapers stems from the fact that I am no longer spending my evenings being little in SL...hmm! It's like my littleness is screaming to be expressed and nurtured in some shape or form. I'm not really clear if that's the reason I'm longing to wear diapers though. It may be an entirely different thing, stemming from unrelated/non AB needs.

    Anyway, thank you again for taking the time to reply to my initial post! I hope you're having a fun weekend so far!

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    Welcome to the forums. i know the feeling, its kinda how i feel right now when im really close to buying my first pack of diapers soon. so excited about wanting to wear them, its all i can think about as well.

    Hopefully you have fun while your here

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    Omg I hear you!

    Welcome! I'm glad you found this place. When I first came here I had no interest in wearing diapers but one day it just hit me an I HAD TO DO IT!
    So I went out and I bought a pair of good nights and I squeezed my too large but into a pair and it was nice. Lol

    Now I keep regular diapers and pull ups around and I'm loving every minute of it and I'm sure one day you will too.

    It is a hefty decision but it's one that only you can make for yourself but you got us for support

    Welcome to the forum!

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    Quote Originally Posted by eviesunflower View Post

    I'm so grateful to have discovered this site, as reading about others' experiences (and advice!) is giving me the courage I need to be more true to myself and take care of my ab needs.

    Thanks for listening! {{hugs}}

    What you're going through is the first phase of something many of us have had issues with. It's called the binge purge cycle. I would recommend reading

    If you decide to indulge I would recommend looking through

    The best piece of advice I can give is that if you choose to indulge to take this first cycle very cautiously, I overdid mine and tipped off my mother

    Best of luck, and glad you found ADISC. I know it helped me tremendously.

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    Welcome to the forums, you will have seen already that we are an open, kind and supportive bunch on here!

    As Cauthon has said, watch out for the variability in desire to wear. Most of us have over indulged at some point and then gone through a period of self loathing and wished it would all go away, including binning out stash. As I'm also a Sissy and there was clothing involved, one purge got expensive.

    So, be careful. Balance is what is needed and will allow you to indulge when you can and quietly put everything away when the purge strikes.

    Great to have you here, hope that we can help support you.


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    I was going to say the same thing. Weigh the pros and cons between wanting to wear, and getting caught. If you've been wearing so far and obviously haven't been caught, you probably can get by with it. Sometimes though, a parent or another person in the house changes their routine, and that's when we get caught.

    I've got family coming to the house to stay over the Christmas period of time, so I'm packing everything up. I will want to wear, but I'm putting caution first. We do what we have to do. In my case, I know that eventually they'll go home and I'll be back to wearing diapers again. That makes it a lot easier.

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