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    I recently ordered a 10 pack of Tranquility ATN from Northshore (on saturday 12/6/14) and today 12/12/14 I received my package. I was so excited because it came before my winter trip home to see my SO. It came in a discreet brown box which was great because my packages are sent to a mail room on my campus where I pick them up. Upon opening it I was even more excited to see that I received a sample of 2 NorthShore AirSurpreme Briefs. I wanted to try these so I am excited that I will be able to. More nappies means more fun for me and mommy

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    Glad it arrived in time to go with you on your trip! A few years ago, I had some diapers delivered to a mail room. It was a plain brown box, but it had holes cut for handles. These allowed you to clearly see the packages of diapers inside. When I picked it up, I got some strange looks from the lady at the counter, but I got over it I have a package of the XP medical absorbency plus diapers on the way next week, so I am really looking forward to getting those. Hope you have a great trip!

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    Update after opening the Tranquility ATN Small pack of 10 I was shocked to see that they are plastic backed. I've never used a plastic back diaper before and do not know what to expect. Is there some type of difference with Tranquility plastic back. I was expecting cloth backed but I don't mind.

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    They are much louder when putting them on, but they are much more forgiving with floods in my experience. The extra noise isn't noticeable under jeans.

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    Plastic-backed are my favorite types of diapers. I love the crinkle.

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    I wear the tranquility mediums atns and yes they crinkle loud with out anything covering them but when you put your pants on over them they are unnoticeable and well as others have stated that they can take a flooding or 2. just my

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