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Thread: Diaper bag

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    Default Diaper bag

    Hello I was wondering if you guys wear diapers in public how do you. Carry your changes and if so what do you have in the bag

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    I don't have an answer This is a private thing for me as me and my diapers don't leave the house for ANY reason.

    I would suggest a bookbag though as you can't raise many eyebrows since you could be convinced your going to college or something.

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    When I'm going out with my diapered cub, we bring a backpack that has diapers, powder, wipes, and plastic bags for disposal. Most of the time, that's just in the car trunk but it can get carried around as well.

    If it's just me, I generally have enough of a gauge on myself and my diaper to know if I will need to change. It's not usually needed but if so, I'll either bring the diaper backpack or put one with wipes and a plastic bag in my regular backpack.

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    I now got a bag which i always have with in it spare diapee, wipes, some baby toys, baby bottle or sippy and normal things. Plus baggy stuffy can't go nowhere without this bag.

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    I have a backpack where I carry stuff like my laptop, figures I'm working on, chargers, etc, but the biggest pocket always has 2 diapers and 4 goodnites before I leave the house

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    I'm usually not out long enough to warrant a diaper change but if I am to bring extra diapers with me it will be in my back pack but I will have to have a reason to carry it around and diapers can't be the only thing in it.

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    heheheh i now made own nursery like bag i luve. LOL. But this is my type of diapee bag. I cant stand to not have baby toys in it.

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    I have a messenger bag that's my designated Diaper Bag. I generally keep at least three diapers in it, wipes, powder, and in the zipper-pocket on the flap I keep a couple of plastic bags just in case.

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    I use a larger zippered laptop bag. It contains 3 diapers, 3 pull-ups modified as boosters, 6 pairs of
    (mens white cotton fruit of the loom) briefs and an extra pair of plastic pants. I usually keep 4 plastic grocery bags available for disposal and for wet/damp articles that I've changed out of (briefs and or plastic pants). Although seldom used, I have baby powder and diaper rash ointment in the bag at all times.

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    When wearing out i bring extra diapers and powder in a backpack as well and carry it on my back .

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