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Thread: A...close call?

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    Default A...close call?

    I've been left worried but mostly confused after a close call with my dad nearly finding out about my AB/DL side.

    I had been working on a new Pokémon drawing on my computer when my dad came home. I opened up my browser to mask what I had been doing, and my dad asked if he could do some quick business on the computer. Seeing how urgent it seemed to be, I obliged and allowed him access to the computer. Mistake Number 1.

    When my dad was finished, he had to download a file and attach it to his email. Not knowing about how my computer's desktop works (he uses Windows Vista while I use Windows 8), he tried searching for the Downloads file. To make the search easier, he decided to go and minimize the browser Window...revealing to him Poké-Padded butt staring straight at his face. Mistake Number 2.

    I was panicking. It had slipped my mind to minimize the drawing window, so I quickly minimized it and did my best to switch the subject. I helped dad to find the Download folder and get his file onto the email. When he was done, I was prepared for a scary, nerve-wracking and unbelievably awkward talk about what my dad saw.

    But it never came. He...just sat up from the table and said thanks for allowing him use of my computer. Worry changed to confusion, as I was sure he would've pushed the issue. As I have mentioned in posts and threads before, my father is the DEAD LAST person I would reveal my AB/DL side to.

    The only way I think he didn't push the issue is either A) he saw but didn't want to ask. He seems to be respectful of privacy enough, so I assume that he just didn't want to push the issue out of respect. It is either that or B) he legitimately did not notice what the drawing was about. This is hard to believe, as the drawing was zoomed in on a very poofy nappy being presented by a rather cheeky Pokémon. However, my dad has been known to be awfully oblivious to certain situations, so maybe it is possible that he just didn't notice.

    At this point, I'm unsure whether I should forget this event as much as my dad seems to have, or if I should be slightly worried that he might know AND he might come to a misunderstanding.

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    If he asks, just say it's a picture for an odd friend of yours. Or a commission if you do them.

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    Yeah, I'd say simply a close call. Unless he has some other suspicions I'd say he wouldn't even think what he saw was all that wired....a one off cartoon that he's unlikely to associate with any kink you might have.
    I reckon you're probably safe on this one. But it sure would have scared the crap out of me.

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    People draw all sorts of weird things. He probably assumed, if he understood the drawing, that you were just fantasizing. It's quite different than have him walk in on you with a soaked diaper.

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    Welll i got caught by mistake once holding a baby bottle and my dad came in.

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    Well. If I was in that situation, I probably would've lost my cool and freaked out (because OOC is Serious Business) or at least feel like my gut is about to explode. So, kudos for keeping your cool and not doing what I would've done!

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    It seems to respectful of your privacy to me and didn't want to question or didn't care what you were doing. It is also possible that he did not notice it. Unless he brings it up I would say drop it and don't bring it up and I don't think that you would have to worry about it unless you show worry or bring it up yourself.

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    My dad came in my room once and gave an odd look after asking me a question. When I looked back over my shoulder I noted I had left my plastic underpants on top of my bed in my hurry to get to he knocking on the door. He never said anything; yet I am failry confident he saw them due to his odd look / change of expression on his face looking over my shoulder. This was on one of my trips home from college.

    As I thought about it I concluded he probably thought I needed them (he would be correct, college nighttime accidents made wearing protection very improtant to me). So he understood it was private to me and if I needed to talk about it then I would; otherwise no need for him to bring it up. My parents were very understanding.

    It sounds like your "dad's discovery" could be explained to many different items as others have noted. No big deal this time.....

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    Well... If he asks it might be a good idea to say it was "a commission for a goofy friend", if he doesn't understand that say you get paid for it. Given that its "art", it would be reasonable to think you would draw about anything for a decent 'cheque.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Themanswifesman View Post
    Well... If he asks it might be a good idea to say it was "a commission for a goofy friend", if he doesn't understand that say you get paid for it. Given that its "art", it would be reasonable to think you would draw about anything for a decent 'cheque.
    I'd be careful with this one. Why? May not understand the "getting paid for it" thing and he might start thinking as "you draw this kind of stuff for money?" and there you have it, he thinks you draw weird stuff for money and they he might see a different future within the person.

    I'm not saying your father is bad SillySwampert I just hope you know where I am going with this.

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