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    Have any of you guys had any luck with any baby pants hypnosis and if so which one?

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    Haven't tried it, and in truth I'm skeptical about hypnosis, especially for ABDL. I think all it does is loosen your inhibitions very slightly to cause those on the verge of doing something to do it. Besides that, I think any ABDL feeling or activity should be natural. If it's meant to come, it will - without the aid of some supposed hypnotic stimulus.

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    I have the bedwetting one. It is enjoyable, and maybe would encourage bedwetting if I listened to it more often, but mostly it just employs simple common relaxation techniques and then takes the time to suggest how it is normal and comfortable and ok for you to like diapers and wet them and how you should feel safe. I like it, but it isn't any guarantee that you will start wetting the bed at all, but it certainly encourages it.

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    I have not personally tried any of them but I have heard good things about the hypnotist that does them. That said just know that its not going to be an instant change they are meant to be listened to multiple times, first you have to go into it being completely open to the outcome, you have to want the change. Second you are going to need to listen to them and get better at going into deep trance. At the end of the day think of hypnosis as a skill that needs to be practiced. I just remembered that there are free files by that hypnotist posted up on if you want to check that out, along with an article written about the topic.

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