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Thread: diaper shirts

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    Default diaper shirts

    I have been diagnosed with a former of bowel incontinence recently. i have had issues with going to the bathroom (#2) all my life but just recently i came clean to my doctor about it and got some tests done. anyway without making this a long story i now have to wear diapers in case of rectal leakage. my main concern is work i have no problem wearing in front of others but i do notice that diapers have a tendency to droop and become loose after extended wear, weather u use them or not. my solution is to get some plain colour onesies to wear underneath my clothes to help support the diaper and keep it from showing when i bend over. i tried plastic pants but my skin gets irritated in them after long use. i am having a hard time finding a website and or store that sells diaper shirts (onesies) for a reasonable price and ships to canada. if anyone has any websites or stores or something in mind please post them here for me. thanks.

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    yes i have but i was hoping to see what else there is.

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    I wear ones, but not sure if they ship to Canada or not. They are fairly decent and have some stretch to them. Baby Pants also carries some, but I found them to run a bit big. Also, preventawear has thermal underwear onesies that may do better for you since it does get a bit cold up there.

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    In my opinion, Abena bodystocking are among the best - they have a nice stretch and elastics meaning your diaper is kept snug.

    I buy mine from sue Ryder, decent prices and good service.

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    BabyKins have the best diaper Tee around. They look like a real Tee shirt from waist up.

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    i got my onsie from very comfortable to wear.

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    I'm medically bowel incontinent, sometimes bladder incontinent, and understand your difficulties. I wear diapers 24/7.

    I agree with the recommendations of others regarding BabyKins as the best source for good quality adult onsies.

    However, there are other options. As you are not having to support the weight from a diaper soaked with urine (I don't think you indicated that you are bladder incontinent), you may find other options to be more flexible as well as less expensive. Try wearing a pair of spandex underpants on top. That should help. If you want even more support, you may wish to try wearing a pair of compression pants on top (I use the UnderArmour compression pants). In addition to supporting the diaper, the compression pants also very effectively smooth out any bulges, bumps, or lines from the diaper.

    You mentioned that you had problems with "plastic pants" and skin irritation. Did you mean pants with real plastic, like vinyl? Although they do the best job at containing odor, you may wish to try PUL pants (still called "plastic pants"). PUL (polyurethane laminate) pants are waterproof but breathable. They help to prevent irritation and diaper rash.

    Pardon me if you are already doing this, but as someone who is recently bowel incontinent you should be using some form of barrier. A thick barrier cream offers the most protection from the acids in feces. The Equate Diaper Rash Relief cream (sold at Walmart) is medicated and contains 40% zinc oxide. For me, it works better than more expensive products.

    Pardon me again, but you need to wash, or at least using a wipe designed for incontinence, at each diaper change. There can be leakage of which you are unaware. Also, as someone who is bowel incontinent you probably are wearing a diaper for long periods between changes. Bacteria still can form in the diaper from perspiration and any leakage. I found that I had to increase the frequency of my changes - even with an "unused" diaper.

    If your "leakage" should become worse, be sure to select diapers with strong internal standing leak guards - not just leg gathers. This will help to contain any feces in the main channel of the diaper, away from the leg gathers.

    Good luck and sorry for the TMI.


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    Did you look at That is where I got mine. I am not sure about selection though.

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    Default has nice, short sleeve, adult onsies in a variety of colors and at decent prices. They look just like a T-Shirt from waste up, nice wide crotch area, snaps are small and dont pinch or anything.

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