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    I am right now (as I am writing this) wearing first a child diaper (30kilo, the biggest I can find sadly) then a dry nighty, then another diaper, then another dry nighty. this is the only way for me right now to get the THICKNESS that I want from a diaper and I hope It can absorb my pee. *sigh* I am soo happy
    Have you ever done anything like that?

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    I've heard lots of stories about it, but never stacked that many. Though, recently I've been weaing a Goodnite in a a Bambino and even after 12+ hours of wearing can't seem to push it to capacity. (Also note that wearing for such a long time is not recommended)

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    I've heard stories of double-diapering but never had the guts because I don't feel like messing the tapes up for an extra-feeling. That and it's super-hard to even attempt something like that with other people in the house.

    Another obvious answer: Mom

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    Not so sure about wearing double diapers like Snivy said. and also about what Kanone said about not wearing them for too long. because you could get a diaper rash.

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    I have doubled up and even tripled up before but I don't think it's worth it though because the diaper that is not in contact with your skin is not used and is essentially wasted.

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    My personal favorite is to put a regular GoodNites with a GoodNites true-fit booster in it, cover it with a Equate adult diaper from Wal-Mart and add a Dependeco Cloth diaper on top of this, I've also added 2 soakers inside the Dependeco for added thickness, note here, none of the diapers are expected to be wet except the GoodNites and the true-fit booster, and sometimes the Equate adult diaper can be wet, that's all I want, so much thickness is so much fun.

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    Well for sort of doubling I have a cloth diaper I use when sleeping to cut down on disposable use. Bought a "reusable incontinence brief" from a local pharmacy that ended up being rather shit, it was basically just an absorbent pad on the bottom, but ended up leaking too quickly. So as not to waste it I just stick it between the cloth and the rubber pants.

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    I also have worn multiple diapers before and agree that after the second layer it's really not worth wearing multiple diapers

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