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Thread: Need ideas for sissy style cloths

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    Question Need ideas for sissy style cloths

    I would just like to know what makes or breaks the look of girly cloths for you. Because I want to make this interesting and because I want to wear my creations out in public you may use examples from anything but dresses. It can be a skirt but don't talk about dresses if you can help it. If this conversation ends up being dresses I promise I wont get mad. Cross my heart hope to fly stick a cupcake in my eye. I just want to make it an interesting challenge. Lets see how long it takes for some one to mention a dress style.

    So what makes a girl outfit work or not-work for you?

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    One thing right away that sets off the SISSY METER is lace detailing followed by pastel colors i.e. PINK especially.
    When wearing a top be it a blouse or polo shirt the button detailing is reversed in the placket.
    The collar should be small and suitable for jewelry used as a tie.
    Wearing pants/trousers of any kind - "NO POCKETS" and the preferred Pull-On style with "NO FLY" - if there
    is a Fly then having it reversed for left hand use. If the fly is at the side or back then the zipper closing should
    be boldly exposed. Also pants inseam length should be just slightly above the ankle or higher (think capri pants).
    For shorts no pockets and a very short inseam.
    Skirts should be of the "A" frame design to shout out Sissy femininity.
    Pastels or bright color block design to enhance the hip and waist line.
    Lingerie under skirts (no pencils skirts) should be brightly colored with ruffled frilly lace detailing on at least the bum and more (think pettipants - square dance panties).
    Footwear with heels the heels should be at a minimum of 2 inches height and detailing have Mary Jane Straps.
    For other footwear i.e. boots have spike type heels.
    Basic black works but also browns and light pastel colors.

    And then the make-up - eye shadow - eye brows finely detailed - lipstick -
    earrings - petite wrist jewelry - maybe an ankle chain - some plain skirts
    could use a petite waist chain.

    So just how far do you want to take this Sissy thing ?
    Subtle hints or a full blown cross dressing exhibition ?

    Does this make me look like a Sissy ?

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    I just want hints that I am cross dressing. I have a backpack that I am sewing together for the holiday season that has a feminine look to it. Crochet lace, drawstrings with a flap to cover and Minty the Christmas pony embroidered on the flap. The idea is gender neutral but if it really leans on the feminine side that is fine so long as its not screaming "dude looks like a lady." No offense to anyone who can pull it off. Its just not for me. I want to integrate ideas from the other side into my own fashion. I will say you hit the nail on the head as far as answering the question. I wanted peoples opinion.

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    An easy project is adding lace doilies to a pair of fitted blue jeans; they'll look cute if done right without screaming "I'm crossdressing!" Hair accessories, like barrettes, are a good touch, too. Also try womens' sunglasses

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    Anything pink or with bright colors. Skirts, lacy, frills and very girly dresses. That's what I like.

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    For me it's mostly pink, lacy and frilly but it's basically anything that is labeled as girls clothing. I really like Skirts, blouses, dresses and a nightie for night time.
    Anything labeled an unisex, baggy clothes or anything that looks like guys clothes just kills it for me.

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