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    Question Good deal?

    I just bought this and want to make sure I got my money worth in this purchase. I got to thinking about the padding between the legs and how I said I don't like a lot that spreads my legs. To put it simple I decided to just get used to it. I love the print on this and going to pay off the credit with my paycheck tomorrow.

    So did I do ok for my first purchase on a washable diaper?


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    I have 4 dependeco AIO and I love them. I wear them almost all the time as underwear. I don't wet them very often because I don't feel like I'm wasting a diaper if I don't use it.

    Just don't expect them to perform as well as a disposable of comparable thickness. If you want to use them for wetting I recommend getting boosters (cloth baby diapers from Target work great IMO) and plastic pants. The PUL liner will sweat through pretty easily.

    In short, I think you did fine.

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    Got my diaper in the mail today. It is in the drier right now. I am letting it dry with heat because I read that cloth gets more absorbent after it is washed and dried in heat. I also need it to shrink just a little bit. It is very comfortable and I can totally see myself buying more. All will come in due time. I am going to use up the rest of my disposable ones when ever this one is in the wash.

    I am only going to use it for urination because I really want it to last and also because I do not take a dump in a diaper unless I know for sure that it will be an easy clean up. I get the runs every so often and knock on wood I never did when I was diapered.

    Are there any tips you guys can give me or warnings I need to know? Thanks

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