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Thread: Roleplaying a different era or time period

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    Default Roleplaying a different era or time period

    Hello everyone! I was reading a post about Caretakers but then I thought of something that I was reading about in a manga. When I first joined this website I was browsing and saw a topic about, someone asking what time period or era people role-played or just played in and that got me to wonder, how does one roleplay a completely different time period or era anyway? Especially when they're a Little or AB/DL? I'm really curious about how that works cause it sounds like it could be an interesting thing to do if it's done right.

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    These kinds of scenarios are strictly fantasy for me, but I'd imagine you pretty much just pretend that everything anachronistic for your role play just doesn't exist; maybe even use only cloth diapers if it's that far back.

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