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Thread: What Is Your Most Memorable Time As An AB?

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    Default What Is Your Most Memorable Time As An AB?

    My favorite and most memorable time as an Adult Baby is when my fiance and I sat down and talked about me being Adult Baby for the first time. She was so receptive and understanding it absolutely made my heart melt.

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    For me, it would have to have been a couple of nights ago. I had purchased a pack of Bambino Bellissimos and had planned an entire AB day for myself. I set up a makeshift play-mat in front of my TV, turned on some pre-school channels (i.e. Nick Jr, Disney Junior, etc), filled up some water bottles to make sure I used my nappies, got some plushies to cuddle, a sippy cup filled with flavoured milk, set up changing items around me, clipped my pacifier onto my shirt, and had even gone out of my way to transform my single bed into a makeshift crib!

    It was an amazing experience. The feeling of my new nappies on me was heavenly, and the other babyish stuff I had just made it all the better. Sitting back and letting my Little side take over as I watched some pre-school shows on Disney Junior was so alluring, I even got tuckered out and had a short baby nap! It was an unbelievable experience, and I want to do my best to gather as much AB items as I can so that the next time can be just as good~

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    buying diapers in the store for the first couple of times. My insides were exploding in terror and excitement.

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    I know the feeling Tyger. I was the same way.

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    Actually has nothing to do with wearing, being little, or sharing being abdl. When I was in 5th grade I was wetting the bed heavily due to the then undiagnosed diabetes. My parents threatened me with diapers if I didn't stop. I was actually petrified at the thought of having to be back in diapers again despite wanting to be back in them since I was ~4. Thankfully I was diagnosed a month or two after and it never came to that, but being that at odds with this part of myself is something I will never forget.

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    This is an ongoing thing. At bedtime I fill up a bottle with juice and I lay on the couch with my koda bear and watch something kiddish. It's usually Elmo but sometimes Barney or Daniel tiger, something super small and I relax until bedtime and at bed time sometimes I'll read from my story book or something like that.

    But the first time I did it I felt so incredible little and it was the first time I really slipped into it. It was amazing. I'll never forget it.

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    Like Swampert, I too had an all-out AB day when I first purchased Molicare Super Pluses. I threw down a blanket flat on the floor in front of the tv, as well as a few pillows, got snuggled into my diaper and footies, had my pacifier clipped to the collar, a bag of chocolate animal crackers, a bottle of cold milk, and watched the two hour block of Blue's Clues that morning.

    It was the first time I truly fell into the role, and I enjoyed every single second of it. I could've spent eternity like that had I the choice.

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    It would be very difficult for me to pick just one, in the last year I have been very lucky and had a lot of memorable moments.

    I think two of my favorites would be:

    -The bond I established with my "sister" (Not biological sister). We were instant friends, we adopted each other (On AB/Littles terms) as siblings, big sister and little sister. Our first play date together was very special, we instantly clicked.

    -Forming a bond with my caretaker and SO (significant other). I think my favorite moment in our time together was when we went to a "Littles Camp" event this last November. I know this event has meant a lot to her and she has gone for years. She had told me all about it. It was every bit as wonderful as she described! Sharing that with her was very special to me

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrinklesTheBunny View Post
    My favorite and most memorable time as an Adult Baby is when my fiance and I sat down and talked about me being Adult Baby for the first time. She was so receptive and understanding it absolutely made my heart melt.
    One time in the summer of '01. All my housemates would be gone for the weekend for various things, I had the entire place to myself. Even then, I was too scared to leave my room, but I went complete and total little girl mode.

    Diapers, pacifiers, baby bottles, lots of cartoons (and disney movies on tape) and dolls, bubble baths, and a girlie nightie I'd been hiding away. I spent the entire weekend from Friday afternoon until around mid-day on Sunday morning as a not-potty-trained little girl, and loved it.

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    My most memorable moment was the first time I used my bottle. I felt so little while I was using it and I ended up falling asleep only finishing about half the bottle and I woke up in a soaked diaper. I woke up feeling refreshed pretty early in the morning with plenty of time to get ready for my 8AM class.

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