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Thread: Adult Baby and Jobs

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    How do you be a diaper lover or adult baby and still manage a job? Also what job do you think is best to wear a diaper at?

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    I, personally, like to keep work and my AB side very separate. But each to his/her own .

    I don't know, managing a job is Adult stuff, not something any kid wants to do anyway.

    I'll humour you on the best job though, it'd have to be office, data entry, maybe trucking, anything with a steady supply of Air-Conditioning :P


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    Well, I doubt there's anyone who regresses while at work...might be able to behave a little childish, but that's about it.

    For wearing at work, it depends on a number of things: bulk of diaper, uniform, bathroom access for changes(in terms of privacy), how confined a space it is you work in, etc.

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    I work security. It's nothing fancy. Sit at the computer and chat or play games, every two hours walk around the building and check server temps, make records of incidents (there's been one since I started this job in June, and it wasnt even on my shift). So it's pretty chill. I'm actually at work now, and I'm also wearing. Most people leave about an hour after I get here, and I could count on one hand how many are here after my shift is half over. Bathrooms are huge, easy to toss something on halfway through.

    Security typically wouldn't be an ideal job, but considering I'm mainly sitting around and I'm unarmed (meaning if there was trouble, all I'm supposed to do is call the cops and be a witness), it's definitely a great job for many of my hobbies (games, DL, figure customizing, drawing, anime, lots more).

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    Quote Originally Posted by littleabjames View Post
    How do you be a diaper lover or adult baby and still manage a job? Also what job do you think is best to wear a diaper at?
    I mostly keep this stuff out of work, and play when I'm on my own time.

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    I wear in the evening, to bed, or on weekends depending on my free time and how much socializing I'm doing. I'd never wear to work, they're separate things.

    It's also, to me, sort of a weird question. It's like asking someone how they can eat chicken if their favorite food is beef. I enjoy my work a lot. I get to research interesting legal questions and help out the people for whom I work avoid legal problems, or occasionally launch themselves headfirst into legal problems to make the law better. It's interesting, mentally stimulating, and challenging enough to keep me busy.

    I also enjoy getting into a diaper and relaxing, and I'd probably enjoy a bit of role-playing too, though I haven't really done it. They're things I do at different times, along with reading novels, going to the movies, listening to music, playing games, going out running, and so on. The whole set of things comes together to make a complete life, and I'd be pretty unhappy if any one thing dominated. I've felt awful the few times I spent just gaming during a long break or holiday weekend, I was pretty tired of diapers after the last time I had a whole weekend off and wore for about 2 days straight, and if I have to work so much that I can't seem to get anything else done, it's pretty depressing.

    So, to answer the OP's question, you be ABDL and hold a job because your life is big enough to encompass being interested in lots of different things and doing them at different times. Just like you don't have to work 15 hours a day every day, you also don't have to wear diapers 24/7 to be ABDL.

    As far as best job to wear diapers at. Hmm...astronaut.

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    Quote Originally Posted by littleabjames View Post
    How do you be a diaper lover or adult baby and still manage a job? Also what job do you think is best to wear a diaper at?
    It's not like it's hard to do. I can be a two-year-old if I want to, but can also be the MOD at work when I need to. Diapers don't even come to my mind whenever I'm at work.

    Also, either scuba diving or astronaut.

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    I don't wear at work but as far as my little, I keep a paci in my pocket because my job is high stress and something about knowing its there makes me feel calm,

    Aside from that being an adult baby and being an adult are completely seperate and not something I like to mix.

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    I don't feel that being an AB/Little affects my ability to be good at my job. I enjoy being little, but when I'm working, I'm in adult mode and actually enjoy the conversation and focus of being in the office. Even when I'm working from home, my little side doesn't really distract me - I know that it's something I'm free to explore in my own time, and unlike actual babies and toddlers, the majority of ABs have the impulse control to accept that they can't be little right at that moment and get on with it.

    I don't really wear diapers often, and I wouldn't wear to work especially as I work in fashion, so having your outfit commented on and inspected is de rigeur. If I was a 24/7 wearer, I could see how that might interfere with work in a minor, practical sense - but overall, being an adult baby means that by and large, we're equipped to handle the adult side of our responsibilities.

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    You don't, unless you are in a self-employed position where you are able to express that side of yourself more freely.

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