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    I am Josh. A little bit about me. I am on disability right now, so I am home a lot. I am not going to school. So to fill up my time I like to help out at the church and talk to friends. Binkygirl is a very good friend of mine and she is the one that finally convinced me to post on here.

    What Brings me here is pretty obvious. I am a DL, I do have some AB tenancies but have not really had the chance to explore it. My AB side is non-sexual and just want the type of love and affection that I have never gotten.
    I have a Daddy side so it would be nice to explore both side to see what I prefer.

    As Far as other interests, I am a bit of gamer, I mostly game because I am home a lot and there is not much else to do. I like the outdoors and I do enjoy sports but my blindness and other disabilities have hindered me from do a lot of what I used to love. Because Of that I have turned to being supportive to my friends. I am a great listener and like to talk to my friends on the phone when I can. I really like putting together models, and I love to do puzzles. The complicated ones are really cool to do. I enjoy watching many different genres of movies.

    Well first off I am looking to meet like-minded friends. I have found as I got older that I get along better with women. I just find it easier to talk to them. In my experience my guy friends always seem to be in a competition with each other. Plus I have learned in life that in order to be a better man, you need the advice of women to help better yourself. Women are better at pointing out a flaw that needs to be worked on in a kind yet constructive manner. So I like to meet people that will help me be a better person I am always striving to be the best I can be. Also the reason I get along with women more is because I am bi-polar and need to be able to talk about and share my emotions, and women are just better about talking about emotions. I am not saying all this to try and "find a date" I am just saying this is who I get along the best with.
    I have found that I do well being a support to people. I have several friends in the IC community. I have had a few friends who have said that the only reason I am supportive to the IC community because I am "into diapers." That is not the case. I want to help people so I get to know them and learn what I can do to make themselves feel better. I want to be able to encourage people and not mock or bring them down when they struggle. I have had to many people hold my disabilities against me and make me feel like a burden and I do not want to do that to others.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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    Firstly, hi Josh! ^^' Pleasure to have another person join the wonderful craziness which is Adisc.
    I'm sure you'll make plenty of friends on here as there are some really nice people on here who I'm sure would also love to get to know you more. :3

    You said you like gaming? I'm also a huge fan of games Xd mind if I ask what some of your favourite games are? Me personally I love any type of Rpg or story driven game.

    Once again pleasure having you here and I hope you also find it a pleasure being here!

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    I know Josh pretty well we are good friends. I met him else where and asked him if he had an account here. He said he did but has not been on much. I told him to get more involved. He is fun to talk to. He is a little shy so try to bring him in.

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